Chris Antonik releases “Pilgrim” video

Canadian blues rocker Chris Antonik has released a music video for “Pilgrim.” It’s the second single from Antonik’s upcoming album, Morningstar, available August 5th. “Pilgrim” is a nod to late ’80s Eric Clapton with retro synthesizers and big riffs.

Antonik wrote the song prior to the pandemic and it tackles the importance of connecting with others and building community.

“When I started this song, I was a pilgrim embarking on a new life as a single parent — quickly realizing the importance of community, building connections outward, and cherishing your tribe,” says Antonik. “My co-writer Ben Fisher and I wanted to address these ideas and create a positive blues-rock anthem for them…and this was all before the pandemic fractured our communities. I am really happy to be releasing this song now, as we all come back together again.”

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