Kat Riggins: Progeny Review

Miami-based singer-songwriter Kat Riggins shines bright as the blues-rock version of Tina Turner and Amy Winehouse and her known versatility in genres: soul, R&B, rock-n-roll, gospel, country, and hip-hop. Her June 2022 album Progeny is about gospel, family, reality, love, coffee, and more. Mike Zito the Gulf Coast Records founder/guitarist joins Riggins along with drummer Matthew Johnson, Doug Byrkit the bassist, and Lewis Stephens on keyboards, and special guest-musicians: Melody Angel, guitarist on “Woahman”, Albert Castiglia on guitar, and Busta Free the rapper on “My City”.

Everything’s coffeelicous yummy when listening to “Espresso”. It features a cool and catchy guitar melody! The songwriting is poetically superb, especially the lines “I have no wings but I can fly”,  “her eyes are like espresso”. It’s a perfect song for rocky confidence and coffee theme. Speaking of confidence, also listen to “Walk On” and “Warriors” if you are moving on from a bad day.

The joyful party noises were unexpected on “My City”. And that’s just only a part of it. The surprising hip-hop mix was so funky, it will never fail to impress your visitors at your house party and other events. The same goes for “In My Blood”. It will make you sway your hips and dance on the floor. 

Riggins’ lowest note B2 can be heard in her “Sinkin’ Low” track when you turn to 1:50, which can make her either a contralto or a mezzo soprano. 

Gospel music in all genres is perfect to increase our spirituality. “40 25 40” is about Jesus’ coming and the fair judgment to all people whether they did good or bad. “Walk With Me Lord” is a “vocals only” prayer song with only birds chirping in the background. The guitar solos in “Promised Land” will make you feel like a Christian rockstar.“Cross the Line” is also a gospel song but has a solemn theme.

Family songs will strengthen the bond of families. Don’t miss the sister themed “WoahMan” and mother-themed “Mama”. Everyday is family day and not just on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The love song on Progeny is “Got To Be God” which reminded me of Susan Egan’s “I can’t believe my heart” (a deleted Hercules song on Disney). Feeling in-love again after a broken relationship is not easy but feels good at the same time. Pain, love, and anxiety can clash together and form a beautiful ballad song. 

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Espresso
– In My Blood
– Warrior
– My City

The Big Hit

– Espresso

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