Mike Brookfield announces “Built To Last”

Liverpool, Dublin based blues guitarist Mike Brookfield is set to release his fifth studio album, Built To Last, on July 1st through Golden Rule Records. The album takes inspiration from artists like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

About the album, Brookfield tells Blues Rock Review, “It’s epic driving music like all blues rock should be! The stories take you on relatable adventures that should make you feel something, laugh, reflect, cry, play air guitar… always aiming to create that subtle collision of a lyric and musical phrase that can stir up the emotions in the listener.”

Built To Last will be available for streaming on all major platforms July 1st and is available for pre-order.


1. Delirium Town
2. Speedway
3. Workin’ On You Baby
4. East Village Vinyl Queen
5. Dunkirk Spirit
6. A Life Lived For Others
7. Nothin’ To Sing But The Blues
8. Snatched It From My Hand
9. Kiss Me Deadly
10. Built To Last


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