Joe Bonamassa releases “Mind’s Eye” video

Joe Bonamassa has a released a music video for “Mind’s Eye.” The track is featured on Bonamassa’s latest album, Time Clocks, which was voted Blues Rock Review’s #1 album of 2021.

“Joe wanted this video to emulate the great prog rock videos of the past using cool custom illustrations and psychedelic scenes,” says Roy Weisman, the CEO of Joe’ U.S. label J&R Adventures.

Weisman added, “The song has a very Pink Floyd feel so the video needed to step up and meet that unique vibe. The whole Time Clocks record is about a journey and “Mind’s Eye” gives you a fun glimpse of what could be swimming around inside someone’s mind.”

3 thoughts on “Joe Bonamassa releases “Mind’s Eye” video

  • VERY NICE! Very inventive, I missed a lot of the music video era due to living overseas and also remote living in the states with no cable available. The first video I ever saw was Pink Floyd’s Learning To Fly and I had no idea what I was watching and hadn’t even heard of MTV. The throwback vibe was just nice, Thks.


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