Danny Bryant: The Rage To Survive Review

At least, we could see one upside in this pandemic that hit the world during the last two years. 2021 has been a prolific year for the blues rock scene, considering not only the number of records put out but mainly their quality. As part of this harvest and one of the last of 2021, there is The Rage To Survive, by Danny Bryant. He has been releasing albums almost in a row since Shadows Passed (2003), keeping steady on his blues standards and rock devotion.

The Rage To Survive starts with the impactful self-titled track, a powerful blues rock with a marking horn session and keyboard lines supporting the thoroughly picked notes on the guitar solos. “Trouble With Love” comes in the same direction, although it has a more paced rhythm. Unveiling a more sentimental side, “Invisible Me” starts calmly, first by a trumpet line, then by a melodic keyboard tone. Step by step, this song goes embodying elements until becomes a nice and filled tune.

Resuming the blues rock, “Rescue Me” is a song that, at first listen, reminds you of Buddy Guy at some point in the middle of his lengthy career. Maybe because of the blues guitar riffs or the remarkable solos. Many artists reveal that the main way of composing a song is through an acoustic guitar. No matter the way it is recorded or how it sounds after all the recording, mixing, and mastering process, plenty of songs were born in an acoustic. Other songs demand to stay acoustic indefinitely. No doubt that “Falling Tears” is one of those songs.

“Make Me Pay” keeps the blues rock sound going, but at this time with detached piano and keys in the background. The lyrics of “Rain Stopped Play” sound like a moan, although the instrumental guarantees a high level for the song, being crowned with a soulful guitar solo in the final part. “Looking Good” is an instrumental that carries an air of the blues from the 1980s, with pronounced keys and horns sustaining in the background for massive guitar lines in the front. “Till The Bottle Runs Dry” brings a piano boogie that plays a riff duel with the guitars. The final song is “Westport”, a dramatic ballad that counts with emotive guitar solos a la David Gilmour.

Danny Bryant’s music embodies a lot of classical influences that forged blues rock over the last few decades. It’s plain to see elements from masters like SRV, Clapton, Gilmour, Buddy Guy, and some others in Danny’s music. And that’s what he brings with The Rage To Survive. A way to run over a consolidated and limitless highway but always searching for the invisible borders.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– The Rage To Survive
– Make Me Pay
– Till The Bottles Run Dry
– Westport

The Big Hit

– The Rage To Survive

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