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The Blues Rock Show: Greta Van Fleet/Rivals Sons, Beth Hart, Smith/Kotzen

On episode 65 of the Blues Rock Show, the guys discuss Greta Van Fleet teaming up with Rival Sons for a North American tour, Beth Hart paying tribute to Led Zeppelin with a covers album, and Smith/Kotzen’s upcoming EP.

One thought on “The Blues Rock Show: Greta Van Fleet/Rivals Sons, Beth Hart, Smith/Kotzen

  • November 26, 2021 at 4:05 pm

    In the 70’s (77 I believe) Rush and Ted Nugent were a double bill, they traded headliner status (although sets were of similar length) every other night.
    I miss the way concerts were billed in the 70’s…Tom Petty opened for Meatloaf in a bar (Cleveland Agora), AC/DC opened for Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy opened for both Rainbow & Queen. And many if not all of these shows had 1-2 other bands that ended up making a name for themselves. I remember seeing Styx open (1st of 3-4 acts) 2-3 shows @ the Toledo Sports Arena. AC/DC opening for Aerosmith. Van Halen opened for Journey. Growing up where I did allowed me to attend shows in Cleveland, Toledo & Detroit experiencing a variety of styles in one concert unheard of today and in venues as small as 230 to approx 3000. I could actually see the performers w/o any jumbo screens or binoculars. These days you’d most likely have to fight a huge crowd @ a festival to experience what was a normal occurrence back in the day.


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