Solo Performers vs. Full Bands: The Pros & Cons of Each

If you are looking to hire entertainment for an event, there are many things to consider, especially when it comes to musicians in particular. You may want solo singers for hire to set a specific mood, or a full band to entertain the crowd all night.

There are pros and cons to each type of entertainer, from the number of people you need to deal with to the overall cost of hiring them.

Coordinating Things

When dealing with a solo artist, coordination may be a bit easier as there is only one person to contact and deal with. This can also hold true for any special requests that may be made by the entertainer, and also in figuring out if your venue has ample equipment for the act or if something different is needed.

 Some bands may also have a manager, which throws another person into the mix when it comes to booking entertainment.

 Availability and flexibility of schedule is also something to think about. Solo performers have an easier time rearranging schedules if need be to fit your event in, whereas the process can be tedious when several band members have to do the same.

Breadth of Music Catalog

Solo performers are often quite specialized in what they can do as far as range of music goes. If you are looking for a very specific type of music, a solo performer might be your best bet.

 Bands, however, often run the gamut from nineties pop to sixties rock, and can be a better fit if you have a large crowd that needs entertaining over a long period of time.

Setting a Set List

Figuring out a setlist can have greater ease if done with yourself and one other person. Dealing with an entire band leaves a bit more room for debate over songs to be played, as there are many voices that will want to be heard.

 Also, consider the robust sound of a band versus the quiet music of a solo performer, and which fits the mood of your event better.

Crowd Interaction

Often, bands are a great choice for larger crowds or events where you want to keep energy high and the event itself flowing. Typically, bands are likely to interact with the crowd, to get them dancing and singing.

 Solo performers can also get the crowd involved, though in a different way. While any music act will provide one focal point for the crowd to gather around, solo performers can be more captivating in a calmer, more intimate environment. They do not often call upon the crowd to get involved like bands do, but they can be a catalyst for conversation among your guests.


Solo performers are a more budget-friendly option as opposed to full bands. You are paying for one person’s time and talents, as opposed to many.

 Additionally, if you are looking to book entertainment for something like a wedding where it’s typical to feed the vendors at the event, a band will add more to the final bill in needing to provide more plates for dinner.

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