The Record Company release “Paradise” video

The Record Company has released a music video for “Paradise.” The track is featured on the band’s upcoming album, Play Loud, available on October 8th via Concord Records. The album is available for pre-order.

“Paradise is shadows in the sunshine, floating a melody in six strings, tension and release. We wanted to write something that sounded like our dreams, asked where they come from, and what they mean or possibly don’t,” the band says of the song.

“On the first two albums, people might have thought we were three guys who sit around a campfire, praying to Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, and we’re not,” notes bassist Alex Stiff. “We’re three different guys with different musical tastes. It’s time for all of us to show our individuality, and this record shows us evolving.”


1. Never Leave You
2. How High
3. Gotta Be Movin’
4. Out Of My Head
5. Live As One
6. Today Forever
7. Get Up And Dance!
8. Paradise
9. Awake
10. Lady Lila
11. Midnight Moon
12. Ain’t Going Home

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