Seven Main Reasons That Listening to the Blues Affect Intellectual Development

Originating from the South of the USA, blues music was originally associated with African-Americans who played the songs to find comfort during work in the field and to lift their spirits. Today, the blues genre is used for entertainment worldwide and is widely accepted by people of every age bracket.

Several studies have been done to establish the effect of Blues on brain development. Some studies have concluded that the genre positively affects intellectual development while others have recommended further studies. Here are ways the genre affects brain development.

Blues helps ease anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety can be triggered by things like too much workload, financial difficulties, and relationship challenges. As the victim continues to build greater levels of stress and anxiety, their brain development can be affected especially if the stress begins at an early age.

Listening to the exciting sound of blues music can help increase pleasure and joy in the stressed and anxious person. When the brain is free from these two negative effects, the person can develop better intellectually. Experts recommend that the best way to learn improvisational blues piano is to practice and try out different techniques.

Improved memory

There are several studies that have been done to find the effect of listening to music on an individual’s memory. The studies have revealed that different music genres have varying effects on people’s memory.

Blues in particular help improve memory and according to Laurel Trainor from the Institute of Music and Mind, training people in music and listening to music corporately helps improve memory. The lecturer at the University of McMaster in Canada says playing and listening to music in a concert may have a greater positive effect on an individual’s memory. Effective methods of learning incorporate various skills like writing, language development, research, and better study habits. Students who take their class assignments seriously may perform better than those who don’t give much weight to assignments. Therefore, students should allocate ample time for all class assignments but if they find time a challenge, there is ready help from the best assignment writers in Australia on EssayOnTime. It doesn’t matter the kind of assignment or subject because they have a solution for them all.

Encourages learning

One of the best ways to help enhance intellectual development is through learning. Learning involves acquiring language skills that incorporate spoken and written skills. Listening, dancing, or learning the blues genre involves the entire brain and an individual learns new culture, language, and their memory, focus, and physical coordination improve. Some studies have reported that while listening to blues, an individual can spend more time studying and the result is better intellectual development.

Improved reasoning skills

Scientists report that the part of the brain that supports spatial reasoning is similar to the part that helps interpret music. They further suggest that listening to any music genre like blues helps turn on the spatial thinking part of the brain. An individual may show an improved skill in solving puzzles faster or playing games.

Further studies show that when someone learns to play a musical instrument and they skillfully play their favorite genre like blues, their spatial thinking may improve even better.

Blues helps improve joy

Joy and happiness significantly affect the pace at which an individual’s intelligence develops. When a person is sad, they seek to be alone and their social life is affected. Their learning is affected and they may be involved in crime and drug abuse. Blues music can help increase joy to the listener and their brain can release dopamine that helps increase the feeling of joy and happiness. Such individuals will socialize better and find joy in learning.

Better sleep for better brain development 

Studies have shown that about 30 percent of US citizens suffer from sleep disorders. This is due to worries about life, work demands, family, college, and so on. More studies have revealed the relaxing effect of blues music can help an individual improve their sleep patterns and this can lead to better intellectual development.

Improves creativity and imagination

Scientists believe that music is a language that tells a story in a hidden manner and the listener has to be keen to grab the emotions and ideas the music is communicating. As the listener engages in enjoying the music while trying to understand the information contained in the language, their imagination and creativity improve.


Improved technology has helped scientists to scan the brain and study the effect of music on brain development. Blues music has its roots in the US and is known to help ease tension and anxiety. Studies have shown the genre can help improve memory, learning, social and intellectual development. Listening to blues at least half an hour before sleep can help improve sleep patterns.

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