Lauren Anderson: Love On The Rocks Review

Love On The Rocks is the second full-length album by the multi-genre singer-songwriter, Lauren Anderson. After quitting a full-time job in Chicago as a music therapist about three years ago, she decided to move to Nashville to truly live her passion as a musician. After listening to her new album you’ll probably agree that is the best decision that Lauren ever made. Her first full album, Truly Me (2015), which brought excellent songs, as well as the previous singles released by her, made it clear that Lauren is a talented vocalist, strongly inspired by the old and new names of the genre like Janis Joplin or Amy Winehouse.

The first track is “Back To Chicago” which was previously released as a single. This is a blues rock song, featuring by Mike Zito on guitar, where Lauren gently adds her mellow vocals. On “Holdin’ Me Down” the vocals perfectly bring the melody to the frontward. A lot of details like percussion bells and synth gently transform the raw guitar base resulting in an excellent song. “I’m Done” has a nice funky rhythm showing wide Lauren’s versatility. The guitar and bass lines are amazing, but, again, the steady and finely tuned vocals perfectly change the perspective of the song.

Lauren’s rock side is also represented with “Just Fucking Begun”. It’s a fast-paced track led by the guitar and drums. “Keep On” is practically an “a capella” song that relies on the gospel style, naturally highlighting all the range and strength (and slightly, but charmingly distorted) of Lauren’s vocals. The masterpiece of the album is the soulful “Love On The Rocks”. Besides the huge vocals, the entire band did an excellent job, detaching the keyboards and the guitars with nice tones and solos. “Stand Still” is a semi-acoustic piece that shows that Americana is another genre that Lauren masters. The blues track “The Way I Want” and the ballad “Your Turn” finish the album. This last one counts with refined piano and violin lines, a whim that makes all the difference.

Lauren is not only a gifted singer but a talented songwriter who can perform soul, funk, gospel, Americana, and more. On Love On The Rocks, Lauren explores all her vocal range and versatility inside these genres, performing falsettos and also traveling from smooth to rough textures. All the songs are based on a relatively simplistic approach, as well as the arrangements, which were fundamental to highlighting the competency and talent of the musicians. From now on, whatever the style Lauren decides to focus on, or even keeping it eclectic, she will brightly succeed.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Holdin’ Me Down
– Just Fucking Begun
– Love On The Rocks
– Stand Still
– Your Turn

The Big Hit

– Love On The Rocks

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