Davy Knowles releases “Roll Me” lyric video

Guitarist Davy Knowles has released a lyric video for his new single, “Roll Me.” It’s the second single off Knowles’ upcoming album, What Happens Next, available October 22 on Provogue.

“Roll Me is a song that my producer Eric Corne had written and brought to me,” Knowles recalls. “I as soon as I heard it, I related to it and knew I wanted to record it. It’s a song about loss, something we have both had our fair share of experience with. Musically, I loved the soul feel he had, a genre I have been such a massive fan of for so long, but haven’t dipped my toes into on record. It was great to push myself out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.”

Regarding the new album Knowles said,  “When it came time to record this album, it was all about supporting the songs as opposed to ‘how quickly I can get to the guitar solo’,” the Isle of Man-born, Chicago-based artist says laughing. “I’m not a purist, and the way for roots music to stay relevant is to adapt and progress.”

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