How to Add Music to Videos Online Easily & Quickly

Music has an impact on us since it is a universal language. It is extremely unifying, whether it is being listened to or played. Music gives us sentiments that we can’t express with words alone. Because of its impact on human emotion, music is an immensely potent weapon for us in the marketing industry, as well as anyone who creates video.

Music in the video can be used for a variety of purposes. Even in marketing, it can assist elicit a wide range of emotional responses from viewers, provide a rhythm for clips and scenes, and underline the overall plot.

Whether it’s a blockbuster film, a television sitcom, an advertisement, or a marketing video, music enhances the viewing experience. You have to add music to the video in order to create the perfect balance.

One of the most crucial aspects of video production is music. Using music in any video helps in ensuring recognition value. Consider how radio stations acquaint themselves with jingles. Important emotions are evoked by music as well: Even if it is merely playing in the background, the music in your video should ideally generate a nice tone and offer the interested buyer a nice sense. It can be used to elicit a wide range of emotional responses from viewers, provide a rhythm for clips and scenes, and underline the main plot. Music enhances a video’s experience.

Recall the era of silent movies to gain a better understanding of the role of music in conjunction with videos. They were able to present thrilling stories without using conversation and instill enthusiasm and joy in the audience. They did it with the help of music. Videos have a solid reputation as a visual medium, but a glance at the history of silent films reveals that a film may also speak to us vocally. Music has an emotional impact on us, making moving visuals appear more romantic, attractive, or engaging and adding vitality and mood to the video.

The music you choose for your video should be just as crucial as the footage you shot at your event or for your advertisement. Good music, like outstanding pictures, may easily draw viewers. With the correct music, even a poorly made video can do well and attract an audience; however, it does not work the other way around.

Selecting the Correct Music for Your Videos – 6 Tips

Let us look at some tips around the selection of music:

  • Many marketers make the mistake of meticulously organizing their video, even developing a storyboard, but failing to consider the music. There are certain events or moments that are not spoken that are accompanied by sounds. So, as you’re putting together your video, think about what kind of music you would want to use. It could be useful to evaluate what mood you want to generate at any given time.
  • At the same time, it’s critical not to overindulge in music. Short melodies can also be used to generate distinct moods or to emphasize your point. In a video, some marketing professionals like to mix several music styles. But keep it less as less is more! Otherwise, the music takes up so much space that the buyer practically forgets about your goods. It is preferable to focus on one song or at least one musical genre.
  • This is a particularly significant but also a demanding point. Because when you’re editing the video, you’re probably thinking about the music. As a result, it’s beneficial if you already have a sense of it and what music might work for each scene. You should play around with the music and watch the edited video numerous times. This is the only method to tell if the music is appropriate for the content.
  • Make sure you don’t ruin the video by adding your own music. The target group analysis, which also fits the chosen music style of your “ideal audience,” is far more crucial.
  • When you’re planning your video, keep in mind that selecting music takes time. Cutting audio and video together can also be time-intensive. So relax and take your time!
  • When a piece of music is exploited, the composer is compensated. In basic English, this says that you are not permitted to use current music without permission. You should buy a license if you want to use music in your promotional video many times.

Adding Music to Your Video:

  • To begin, find and select a video file on your Mac, Windows, Android, or iPhone and open it. Paste the URL of the music into the relevant area if you wish to add it to a YouTube video. You can also select it from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.
  • Next, decide whatever audio you want to use in your video. This file can be a song, a recording, or any other type of sound. However, be aware of music copyright rules, as violating them could result in legal action if you use an artist’s or company’s audio without permission.
  • Set the volume for both tracks to the same level. You can loop your audio if it is shorter than the video. You can always cut it if it’s too long.
  • Changing the output format is the last thing you should do. Choose MP4 to save to a mobile device or to share on social media.
  • Your clip, complete with audio, will be available in a few minutes (depending on the size of your video file). To save it to your device or to Dropbox or Google Drive, click the Download option.

The Bottom Line

Capturing an audience’s attention in today’s digital environment is more difficult than ever. As a result, the importance of music in the video is greater than ever. Consumption of online video is increasing every day, and as a result, companies are increasingly required to stand out among the noise. Including the correct music in a fun and distinctive video is a terrific way to catch people’s attention and get your message through.

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