Troy Redfern releases “Waiting For Your Love” video

Troy Redfern has released a music video for his new slide driven single “Waiting For Your Love.”

“I really wanted to try and capture the visceral vibe, atmosphere and swagger of this song,” says Redfern. “It’s dark, moody, and is chock full of rock ‘n’ roll attitude. When we recorded the track at Rockfield Studios we played it totally live to get that raw energy you can only get when you’re all playing at the same time. When we made the video, I wanted a visual representation three guys in a room sweating it out and hitting it hard.”

Redern adds, “What you see in the video is a true representation of this band. It’s a no-frills, honest delivery of a ballsy blues boogie. It was also great to feature my ’29 National Triolian resonator guitar used on the actual recording. That beat up old guitar has so much mojo. Darby Todd (Devin Townsend, The Darkness, Paul Gilbert) brought his vintage, acrylic Ludwig Vistalite drum kit along for the shoot. These kits were made famous by the late great John Bonham and sound massive. Darby used this drum kit for the entire album, not only does it sound huge but it looks amazing, we had to have it in the video!”

“Waiting For Your Love” will be featured on Redfern’s upcoming album, The Fire Cosmic, available on August 6th.

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