The Damn Truth: Now Or Nowhere Review

Canadian hard rock band The Damn Truth has been on a rise for the past few years, and their brand-new release and third studio album, Now Or Nowhere, is the culmination, up until now, of this journey. The talented quartet consists of Dave Traina (drums, vocals), PY Letellier (bass, vocals), Tom Shemer (guitar, vocals), and Lee-La Baum (vocals, guitar). Their powerful sound, although strongly reminiscent of the ’60s and the hippie movement, is still fresh and contemporary and carries a much-needed dose of authenticity in this era of plastic music

Even though COVID-19 restrictions interrupted the process, most of the album was produced by the legendary Bob Rock ( Metallica, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, etc) and, of course, he added his golden touch to already great material. The crystal-clear production enhances every aspect of The Damn Truth’s music, especially vocals. Lee-La has a majestic set of pipes and she sings as if her life depended on it, putting out a mammoth vocal performance that matches the vigorous instrumentation, creating a memorable sonic experience. Also, the album, as the band intended, is permeated with positive vibrations and an overall uplifting tone, something most of us are in need of in these troubled times we’re living in.

Now, allow me to discuss the songs that drawn my attention the most. The album opener (and single), “This Is Who We Are Now” kickstarts the record in a spectacular fashion. The herculean track and its larger-than-life chorus delivers a message about courage and taking action despite all the current fear and anxiety. “Only Love” keeps the bar high and the message positive, with its blistering guitar work, passionate vocal performance, and anthemic chorus. “Lonely”, the bluesiest and heaviest track on the record, is a vocal masterclass. The massive guitar riffs drive forward the song and lay the foundation for Lee-La’s colossal wails and howls, that are supplied with her out-of-this-world vibrato. Last but not least, there is the astonishing “Look Innocent”. Lyrically, a study on problematics relationships, the song is distinguished by its soft verse/hard chorus structure, catchy hook, and stupendous (sometimes restrained, sometimes full-blooded) vocal approach.

To conclude, The Damn Truth achieves their planned objective and successfully spreads a message of love and hope through great music with Now or Nowhere, which is a strong contender for one of the best albums of the year and a superb addition to any blues/rock fan’s music library.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– This Is Who We Are Now
– Only Love
– Lonely
– Look Innocent

The Big Hit

– This Is Who We Are Now

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