Rainbreakers release “Light Me Up” video

Rainbreakers have released a music video for their new single, “Light Me Up.”

‘Light Me Up’ is about coming-of-age and is inspired by the Grimm fairy-tale ‘Iron Hans’,” says Rainbreakers frontman Ben Edwards. “The song explores the need to break away from parental restraints and learn how to become your own person. This part of life is full of pitfalls,” he adds, “as “the devil keeps on testing” us, and can lead some down darker paths if they are not given the right push. The song begs for anyone to give a helping hand and show the right path to take so that you can reach your full potential and this video really represents that fire inside trying find a release.”

“Light Me Up” will be available on May 28.

The band will tour the UK this fall.


Oct  21: The Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool

Oct  22: The Globe, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Oct  23: Redcar R&B Club, Redcar

Nov 04: The Dick Wittington, Gloucester

Nov 05: Bude Blues Festival, Bude

Nov 06: The Cobblestones, Bridgwater

Nov 17: The Half Moon, Putney

Nov 18: Suburbs, Guildford

Nov 19:The Louisiana, Bristol

Nov 20:The Actresss & Bishop, Birmingham

Nov 26: The Live Rooms, Chester

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