Arbor Creek release “Honey” and “Silver and Gold”

Blues rock band Arbor Creek has released a pair of new singles with music videos for “Honey” and “Silver and Gold.”

“Honey is a classic blues rock style song,” Arbor Creek tells Blues Rock Review. “It was written with the intention of bringing a more simple high energy and groovy song into our catalogue. The guitar harmony section in the song is a tip of the hat to one of our biggest influences, the Allman Brothers Band.”


Regarding “Silver and Gold,” Arbor Creek’s David Drilling says, “I wrote this song to express how love is not perfection. Love is not money or status. Love is not material surroundings. Love is passion and emotional connection. It is giving someone your energy, time, and affection. Supporting each other emotionally and providing each other with strength and courage.”

“Silver and Gold”

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