Katie Knipp: The Well Review

Versatility. That’s the word to properly define Katie Knipp’s work. The Well is the 6th album released by her. It’s an EP with only five songs, but a features an array of blues, R&B, soul. Katie Knipp is a gifted musician, able not only to play slide guitar, piano, and harmonica but mainly able to make her singing prevail over the textures of a song.

These features can be seen in the first song of the EP, “Sad Eyed Lover”, a rhythmic and virtuous play. This song shows a myriad of sounds from guitars, horns, bass, and drums. None of them can stand out, but you can tell that holding everything tight is Knipp’s vocals. “The Gospel Of Good Intentions” brings the mood hinted at by its title. Here, the beats are lowered down, the power of vocals is reduced, and the organ and horns lines create a totally different aura for the song.

“Better Me” is closer to a traditional blues song. But, still remains is the country, rock, and gospel sound, the choir, the indigenous-like flute lines, and the groaning vocals. “Chamomile And Cocaine” was previously released as a single. It seems to be an autobiographical song, narrating the sores and crossroads that music drives anyone who decides to travel by its ways. Musically, it keeps the exquisite approach showed on the album, with a flawless piano base, a huge work made by the saxophone and Hammond, and a nice guitar solo. By the way, that’s the only song with a proper guitar solo in the EP. “Bullet Train” is another surprisingly pleasant genre mix. It’s a ballad but has a blues soul. Here, the harmonica grabs the main role of sometimes opposing or sometimes get the soil ready for Knipp’s vocals.

On The Well, Katie Knipp and all the musicians/producers evolved in the recording keep the passion for the music as shown in previous albums. The care with arrangements, lyrics, and harmony are evident and make this record a reference to that sort of modern music inspired on black roots. Katie Knipp’s music is really compromised on bringing the side of this genre barely explored nowadays. That side is not loud, but it’s solid. Not noisy, in spite of intertwined musically.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– The Gospel Of The Good Intentions
– Chamomile And Cocaine
– Bullet Train

The Big Hir

– Chamomile And Cocaine

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