Electric Mob: Discharge Review

Electric Mob is a Brazilian band on the road since 2016, which released Discharge, their debut full album in 2020. It’s a four-piece group with Renan Zonta on vocals, Ben Hur Auwarter on guitars, Yuri Elero on bass, and André Leister on drums. In 2017 they started on the right foot, releasing the EP, Leave A Scar, and making clear to everyone that they mean business.

The first track, “Awaken”, is an intro that is continually followed by “Devil You Know”, the biggest hit of the album. It’s a cadenced song that starts with dobro-like chords which suddenly turns to a nice hard rock guitar riff and powerful vocals. “King’s Ale” also has flawless guitar work and a captivating chorus amazingly sang by Zonta. In “Got Me Runnin’”, new sounds are explored but keeping the melodic and powerful vocals and the groovy bass lines. With “Far Off” the band returns to hard rock, also dovetailing another stunning chorus.

“Your Ghost” is predominantly an acoustic ballad ornamented with whistles and slides, but, step by step all the instruments go gaining strength. In “Gypsy Touch” and “Higher Than Your Heels” the band flirts with hip-hop, mixing elements from the classic rock a la Rage Against The Machine or Red hot Chili Peppers. “123 BURN” and “We Are Wrong” are other stunning songs, with accelerated vocals, paced drums, and groovy bass lines. “Brand New Rope” and “Upside Down” are songs that highlight the heavy metal side of the band, mainly because of the melodic vocals and distorted riffs.

Discharge is one of the better debut albums in the last few years. Throughout the songs the band managed to mix and balance all their influences, resulting in a unique sound, overflowing personality, groove, and punch. All the members have proved that they know very well the ground that they’re stepping on, but the vocals are a detached show. In a first listening, some unaware listeners could even mistake that they are listening to the new songs by Greta Van Fleet or other bands with refined vocals. But the range and powerful vocals delivered by Zonta are the aces up the band’s sleeve, and, certainly will lead them all to another level.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Devil You Know
– King’s Ale
– Your Ghost
– Higher Than Your Heels

The Big Hit

– Devil You Know

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