Reasons Why You Might Want to Learn Music Theory

Music theory is the foundation of any musician for multiple reasons. Regardless of being a beginner or looking to improve your musical performance, the theory is something that will greatly help you through.  The majority of teachers will insist that music theory is an essential piece of balanced music education. While most even include theory as part of their lessons, others find it unnecessary and believe that learning music theory does not make one a better player. In this article, we will try to help you get the bigger picture by explaining the importance of learning music theory.

Understanding How Music Works

Whatever your particular field of music will ultimately be, theory gives you insight into how all the notes and rhythms are put together in a composition. It gives you a detailed insight into how and why great composers and performers do what they do. Aside from opening up doors to your enjoyment of music, it helps you understand how to make the music by yourself, in the most logical way possible, thus making it much easier to learn it. In case you have already gotten yourself into the music world, understanding how exactly it works on the most basic level gives a whole new perspective to it.

Great Way to Begin

When you start learning a new language, to be able to read it and you have to learn a specific alphabet. To make words and sentences you need to know the rules of combining the letters properly, so it gets some sense. The same goes for music. If you want to learn how to make it and write it yourself, you need to learn how to read it. The majority of music teachers suggest learning music theory before learning how to play an instrument, sing, or composing. creating a good start makes everything that comes after it, much easier.

Mastering Pieces Faster

Being well familiar with music theory helps us speed up other learning processes. A precise understanding of how the piece is constructed helps us learn faster, similar to how knowing a street map enables us to drive more efficiently. This makes it also much easier to memorize the piece. There are also very good music theory books to be found online to help you fast up your learning process. Combining these books with a good music theory course ensures attaining the best results possible in a short time. Look for books recommended by experts as these music theory books will also serve as the teacher that will tell you everything you need to know about the topic.

Enjoying Music More

Understanding music theory will enable us to fully appreciate music, and not just listen to it. A more comprehensive awareness of the features of composition comes together with a greater capacity for expression when we play. It ultimately presents a stronger relatability to the pieces. Therefore, we will be able to recognize unusual features in a piece that aren’t played according to the rules we learned and then appreciate that the composer has done something unique. Even when we aren’t playing, a more profound appreciation of the music we listen to will be a much greater joy.

Getting More Creative

With a little extra effort in learning it, music will eventually save you lots of time with trial and error, making your job easier while showing better results.  You may hear some musicians talk about those who pursue musical education as being locked down by rules made by man. the well-educated musicians who know the ‘rules’ can apply them whenever they think they fit. As a result, they will be in full control and have more freedom with their instrument. They will be able to pick the rules that suit them at the time and uniquely combine them to break away from what has been done before.

Communicating Better With Others

Having at least a basic knowledge of music theory is also quite useful if you want to play with other musicians. It makes communicating and exchanging easier. Music is a language and it’s important to know how to use it correctly so you can develop a richer vocabulary. Aside from saving time, a knowledge of music theory basics will allow you to adapt to a new music group when needed. Similar to this, it will give you an advantage to understanding at least the concept of unfamiliar music, in case you get exposed to something you have never heard before.

Learning music theory grants specific advantages to various musicians regardless of the experience. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, if you were having doubts about starting your music theory education, consider the above-mentioned benefits of taking theory classes. Hopefully, it will assure you it is not that unnecessary as some people or institutions may lead you to believe.

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  • December 15, 2021 at 10:22 am

    Defiantly helps with learning pieces faster. Once you realize a chord progression is the same as something else you can focus on the rhythm or other differences.


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