Musicians pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen

Legendary guitarist and co-founder of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen passed away from cancer at the age of 65 on Tuesday, October 6. Van Halen is one of the most influential guitarists of all-time and his impact is immeasurable.

Many artists in the blues rock world have taken to social media to pay tribute.

Scott Holiday – Rival Sons


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Simply put, one of the most important and influential guitarists to ever live. He embodied the idea of a progressive and exciting musician – not only on recordings but especially as a live performer. The electric guitar just doesn’t get too much more exciting and fun than Ed. When I was a kid…probably about 7 years old…I swiped the VH 1 cassette from my aunties collection. I was just really discovering my own music at this age – so it was a magical and exciting time of discovery for me. Anyway, I heard her playing this tape with friends as they partied at our house..and couldn’t help myself – I had to give it a few more (thousand) listens. I didn’t even know what the actual cover looked like for years as I just found an old Air Supply cassette – chucked the tape and used the box, fashioning and drawing my own cover (which was an attempt at a pointy guitar much like Ed’s first Explorer style guitar). Listening to this album and hearing EVH effortlessly burn through all these songs was nothing short of an epiphany for me. Literally like riding a roller coaster. Escapism at its finest. I probably listened to this record every day until I was 9! In an era of 100 unbelievable guitarists he was THE guitarist – and every single guitar player agrees…and we never agree on anything!.. but this – we do. So much more can be said – but I’m just gonna leave it there for now..and go throw on some Women and Children First. Eddie Van Halen…jeeze..what a contribution. Thank you very much for opening up the electric guitar and rock and roll as we now know it! Wow!!???❤️

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Joe Bonamassa

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Robert Randolph


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Slide Guitar tribute to @eddievanhalen R.I.P. Legend , Originator, King

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Nalle Colt – Vintage Trouble


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A true legend and a big reason a lot of us picked up the guitar! R.I.P Eddie, the gods will be honored to have you.

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Fantastic Negrito


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Huge loss in the music world today @eddievanhalen one on the all time great guitarists RIP. My Condolences to the Van Halen family

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Joanne Shaw Taylor


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What a player. One I doubt we’ll see the likes of again. Rest in peace Eddie. ❤️

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Duane Betts


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One of the true stylists and innovators of the electric guitar. We will be thinking of you tonight. Safe journey home Eddie.

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Eric Steckel

Philip Sayce

Jared James Nichols

Richie Kotzen

2 thoughts on “Musicians pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen

  • There are rock stars and then there are those who transcend the genre to become rock legends. Eddie Van Halen is in that rarified air among the rock gods that have achieved immortality through their legacy of music. We can only hope that what he has left behind will continue to provide inspiration for generations to come and, just maybe, be the catalyst for the next in line to aspire to reach the throne.

  • We opened for them at Gazaries
    In 1974 the group i played with
    Called Polly cutter band I played
    My guitar player said
    See that guy (Eddy)
    He is gonna be famous….
    The next time we saw him he was
    Playing at the Los Angeles Colosseum ..R.i.p.


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