Top 10 Gov’t Mule Songs

Gov’t Mule was born as a side project from Allman Brothers Band bandmates Warren Haynes (guitar & vocal) and Allen Woody (bass), who joined with their friend Matt Abts (drums) to form a blues rock & jam power trio. After Woody’s death in 2000, Danny Louis (keys) and Jorgen Carlsson (bass) joined the band. In almost 30 years on the road, the band has released a multitude of studio and live albums. By watching them play you can feel the love of the band for the stage while getting a real lesson in blues rock.

These 10 songs are a journey through the Gov’t Mule discography.

10. “Larger Than Life”

First released from the album Dose (1998), this song shows an important Gov’t Mule’s feature, which is the constant changing of the rhythms and cadence into the songs.

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9. “Blind Man In The Dark”

“Blind Man In The Dark” also is from the album Dose and it definitely is not a traditional blues rock song. It contains a jazzy approach, another remarkable style of Gov’t Mule.

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8. “World Boss”

From the album Shout! (2013), “World Boss” is a song with politically oriented lyrics, vastly explored by the band in almost all the albums. Shout! was released as a double CD, in which the first disc Warren is the lead vocalist and in the second, the same tracks are sung by guests. In “World Boss”, the guested vocalist was Ben Harper.

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7. “Slackjaw Jezebel”

“Slackjaw Jezebel” was released on the album Déjà Voodoo (2004). It’s essentially a stricto sensu rock & roll riff. In this song, the eight-time Grammy nominee (one win) Warren Haynes, mixes his unmistakable voice with powerful guitar licks.

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6. “Birth of The Mule”

From the album Dose, this is essentially an instrumental jam song, where Haynes’ amazing guitar lines literally talk with the jazzy background laid by Woody and Matt Abts. This kind of approach became one of the Gov’t Mule’s trademarks: jam songs with freedom in creation, highlighting the member’s dexterity.

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5. “Mr. High & Mighty”

Back to the hard rock riffs, “Mr. High & Mighty” is from the album High & Mighty (2006). It’s the kind of song that keeps you whistling throughout the day! Well-elaborated and intricated guitar riffs can be found in many songs from the band.

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4. “Beautifully Broken”

In 2001, Gov’t Mule released The Deep End – Vol. 1 which contains, besides traditional blues rock songs, the most beautiful ballads. “Beautifully Broken” is one of them. On the stage, Gov’t Mule used to play this song in a medley with “When Doves Cry” by Prince.

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3. “Thorazine Shuffle”

“Thorazine Shuffle” is another example of an experimental jazzy jam song by Gov’t Mule. This song was first released on the album Dose. The bass lines, powerful voice, and layers of guitar lines in different textures are the highlights.

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2. “Captured”

From the album Shout!, “Captured” is an amazing rock ballad with epic solos. It’s incredible to see how Warren can deliver amazing guitar solos which literally tell a history throughout the song.

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1. “Banks Of The Deep End”

“Banks Of The Deep End”, from The Deep End – Vol. 1 album, is a song dedicated to the former Gov’t Mule’s bassist Allen Woody, dead in 2000. The song is a classic from Gov’t Mule and delivers a remarkable chord progression with soulful guitar solos.

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One thought on “Top 10 Gov’t Mule Songs

  • September 10, 2020 at 11:04 am

    One of the best blues rock group ever! Good choices at the front end. I would add “Unring the Bell” and “Towering Fool” at the back end.


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