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The Blues Rock Show: Online PPV, Spotify, Greta Van Fleet

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t any music talk shows on television? Turn on a TV and you’ll find tons of talk shows on sports and politics, but when it comes to music there’s barely anything. At Blues Rock Review, we felt it was time to change that.

Each week, Blues Rock Review Editor-in-Chief Pete Francis and Willie Witten will break down the latest news and topics in the world of blues rock.

On the first episode, Pete and Willie discuss online pay-per-view shows, including Joe Bonamassa’s recent pay-per-view show, and whether the format is the future of touring. The guys also discuss Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s recent remarks saying it’s not enough to release music every 3-4 years, plus why Greta Van Fleet is so polarizing with fans.

Have an idea you’d like to see discussed on The Blues Rock Show? Let us know in the comments!

Starting on September 28, new episodes of The Blues Rock Show will be released every Monday.

6 thoughts on “The Blues Rock Show: Online PPV, Spotify, Greta Van Fleet

  • In my mind streaming a (pay per view or free) will be a killer of venues, bands and fans. The band and audience will receive / give no feedback, which in my opinion IS what make a live event a worthwhile event. I mean I can go to YouTube to watch many a show now, which never holds my attention or stirs my emotion the way a live in-person performance does. I feel their pain, having their ability to make a living put on hold for god knows how long, but I just don’t see myself paying $20-$30 to sit and watch tv. In my mind I liken that to watching someone have a party vs actually going to the party….NO COMPARISON

    • The party analogy is rather apt. Nothing replaces going to the show and being a part of it all—at least in my mind.

      I also have a fear that it could replace the “real deal” and really cut into venues, and by extension, all the people that go into making those venues and shows work. There are a ton of people, tasks, and thousands of labor hours that make the magic. All those stand to get hurt if streaming takes over. I really hope it doesn’t.

      You’re right in that there wont be any tangible feedback. I’m guilty of not leaving feedback myself. That’s hard for bands and managers. It’s an important aspect. I never even thought of that until you mentioned it.

  • I have enjoyed the first episode of The Blues Rock Show, thank you.
    Regarding PPV, I understand the necessity but hope it is a short term solution as I dont think it will ever match going to a live show.
    I also agree with your comments on GVV, I think they are great and if they turn youngsters or anyone for that matter onto blues /rock, it can only be good.

  • J think the PPV is good for people like me , living in Thailand , and it is no possible to go America , or Europe , to look and hear , the nice Artists over world .

  • A good start for The Blues Rock Show, I will make sure I catch it each week.
    As PPV is the only game in town at the moment I can see the relevance of it and going forward, this could be a chance for people who cannot get to concerts, or afford the ticket prices to see a wide range of bands. Also as I am get older (verging on dinosaur) I appreciate the convenience of a fridge full of beer and a clean toilet with no queues. Saying that, concerts with crowds are a much better spectacle.
    I must admit I do not subscribe to Spotify (or anything similar). I still tend to buy albums and get a dose of new music from radio, in particular BBC 6 Music (in the UK), which has an eclectic mix of music introducing me to musicians I would not have heard otherwise.

  • PPV – Yes, and its cousin, the live stream with tip bucket, ala Can’t Stop the Blues. Has even introduced me to bands and performers I had not heard before.

    Spotify – No. Not sure this matches the the market as it exists for blues, rock and blues-rock, where performance/touring pays the bills and albums support touring. Spotify is partly responsible for taking the artist revenue out of albums and recorded music. That is not so say that regular contact with fans is not necessary.

    GVF – Yes.


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