Bonamassa remains at forefront with livestream show

Joe Bonamassa is known for his ability to adapt and roll with the changes. It’s the reason why he’s built a tremendous career in a genre that sees very little mainstream coverage. Not only has Bonamassa built a career most musicians would envy, but he’s more importantly sustained that career by continuing to evolve with the times.

When the pandemic struck, musicians around the world were put out of commission. In today’s streaming world, touring is king. It’s how musicians make their livelihood. Bonamassa generally performs at two to three thousand seat theatres and the ability to do that in front of fans again likely won’t happen anytime soon.

Enter the livestream show. Many bands have taken to live streaming shows. However, livestream shows are a bit of a mixed bag. Many artists perform them simply using a cell phone while others are using professional cameras with pro audio setups. Live Pay-Per-View shows are now a way for musicians to earn income performing their music. In the world of blues rock, we’ve already seen artists like Marcus King, Eric Gales, the Allman Betts Band, and Larkin Poe do live Pay-Per-View shows.

If you’ve ever attended a live Bonamassa show you know that Joe doesn’t cut corners. Every detail is meticulously planned. That was certainly the case with this livestream show from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, which was a massive undertaking with countless people involved in the production.

Setting Up To Watch The Show

(Photo: Kit Wood)

With a livestream show, there are several ways to watch. Kudos to Bonamassa’s team for sending out an email before the show started with ways to watch on different platforms like using a smart TV, Roku, etc. For a concert experience, simply watching on a laptop isn’t going to cut it.

The first option I looked at was using Google Chromecast. Google Chrome’s browser has a “Cast” option which allows you to cast your browser’s screen to your smart TV. I had the All-Access package which allows me to access any Bonamassa live DVD/Bluray concert, so before the show started I tried the Chromecast option with a previous Bonamassa show. Unfortunately, the audio was a bit out of sync. That’s no fault of Bonamassa’s production, but an issue with streaming from a computer to the smart TV which caused a little bit of lag. I had never used the “Cast” option before using Google Chrome, so perhaps there’s a workaround fix.

I ended up plugging in an HDMI cable from a laptop to my 55 inch smart TV and that worked perfectly. For sound, I was using a Yamaha YAS-108 soundbar. Again, for a livestream show, getting proper sound is extremely important.

Also, I would highly recommend figuring out your setup before the show begins, so you don’t have to waste time figuring out technical details.

The Concert

The concert had the feel of a normal Bonamassa live show, although the production levels were amped up a bit. There was a big screen jumbotron backdrop and the lighting was top notch. There were also multiple camera angles with engaging shots.

The performance featured Joe and his band live from the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee in front of 1,600 cardboard cutout fans. These were fans who purchased the VIP option. Cutout fans have been a popular option with professional sports teams and Bonamassa is the first musician I’ve seen use the concept.

(Photo: Kit Wood)

This show featured Bonamassa performing his brand new album, Royal Tea, which will be released on October 23. Playing the entire record in the livestream was a smart play to entice fans by giving them new material they hadn’t heard before.

“When One Door Opens” kicked things off and the sound quality jumped out right away. The audio sounded huge and top notch. That’s something Bonamassa prides himself on in all of his shows.

After the first song, there’s dead silence, which is the weird part of not having fans. It has to be extremely weird for the musicians when they’re used to hearing cheers and then there’s nothing. They dimmed the lights after each song, which I feel did a good job of taking some of the attention off the fact there’s no crowd at the show. Bonamassa later mentioned in the show that they didn’t add any noise in between songs because he wanted it to be a snapshot living in the time we’re in. Many sporting events are funneling in crowd noise at games without fans, but Bonamassa chose not to go that route.

He played nine tracks off Royal Tea and certainly didn’t show any rust. “Why Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye” is one the singles Bonamassa has already released and was a definite standout in the live environment as was “A Conversation With Alice.” The latter featured a slide solo from Rob McNelley, which was interesting to see a guitar solo from someone other than Bonamassa at one of his shows. Bonamassa went off for a solo of his own and the live version featured some extended guitar and backing vocals from Dannielle DeAndrea and Jade Macrae that really added to the track.

Other standouts included “I Didn’t Think She Would Do It” which featured a memorable riff with Joe’s wah-wah guitar and the emotionally charged “Beyond All Signs.”

(Photo: Kit Wood)

After the tracks from Royal Tea, there was a four-minute intermission followed by Bonamassa performing songs from A New Day Yesterday, which was released 20 years ago. Bonamassa also performed “Evil Mama” from the Redemption album.

Giving Back

Following Bonamassa’s set there was an After Party Showcase featuring up and coming talent from the blues rock world. It’s great to see Bonamassa continue to use his platform to help promote other artists in the genre. Donations were taken during the showcase to benefit the Fueling Musicians program which Bonamassa started to help musicians during the pandemic.

Each ticket purchased for the livestream concert also included a donation to the Fueling Musicians program, which has already raised over $320,000 for musicians.


(Photo: Kit Wood)

Joe Bonamassa’s first livestream concert featured what we’ve come to expect from Bonamassa, incredible guitar, a tight performance with top notch production and sound. The stream had zero issues and didn’t lag either. Considering this was hosted on Bonamassa’s website and not a platform like YouTube or Facebook, that was good to see.

Nothing can replicate the feeling of a live show but livestream concerts presented like this one are the next best option at the moment. Many artists in the blues rock world are playing gigs at venues with 50 to 100 people. However, for Bonamassa to continue producing a product his fans have come to expect, the livestream is the only way they’ll be able to get that in the near future.

With his livestream concert, Bonamassa shows the music industry that livestream shows are a viable alternative for artists when done in a professional manner.

Joe Bonamassa’s new album Royal Tea is released by Provogue/Mascot Label Group on Friday, October 23rd.
Pre-order the album from North America– and from the UK and Europe –

Pete Francis

Pete Francis is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blues Rock Review. Pete founded Blues Rock Review in 2010 because he felt there was a major void in how the blues rock genre was covered. Pete is the host of Blues Rock Weekly and a co-host on the Blues Rock Show.

16 thoughts on “Bonamassa remains at forefront with livestream show

  • It was FANTASTIC. I’ve been to a few concerts over the years. I was on the floor when he played in Ottawa in 2018 in November. I really enjoyed watching the live show on TV in the comfort of my home and seeing my name and cut out picture. Hope you do this again soon. Really enjoy your music Joe.

  • I’ve seen Joe live many a times at Red Rocks and nothing compares to that, but this live stream was excellent. loved the show. thanks JB

  • I applaud Joe for offering the fans a great performance through a medium that was almost as good as being at a live performance (minus the audience applause). I thought at first that adding “applause” after each song would have been better, but I understand why Joe left it out, although I think the better experience would have been more pleasing to the home audience as we want to do what we can to forget about the pandemic we’re in and just enjoy the experience that we miss so much from Joe and any other live performances (He had a cardboard audience anyway, which was also a great idea to include pics of the fans that participated). All in all I always appreciate the great things that Joe does for us fans and fellow musicians. Joe is not only a great musician and entertainer but also a great person and philanthropist as he is so passionate at what he does and gives back to the community. Joe you deserve all of your success and I can’t wait for your next Live performance! We’ll need a new name or tagline for your Live Concert when this COVID pandemic subsides so we can have a grand celebration for what we all have gone through and are still experiencing during these challenging times as your music keeps our souls alive and makes us feel better and stronger. God Bless you Joe and Thank you!

  • The music was over the top as usual. But, gotta give a big shout out for the production and direction. I am sold. Put me on the list for any future events like this.

  • The concert was excellent! Joe was like a Spanish Matador wielding so many great guitars and delivering a wonderful performance. The band was fantastic, Rob’s playing was great, and the ladies were superb on vocals. Well done Joe and team!

  • it s y far one of the best you can actually see what is going on with the musicians

  • My friend and I watched it on my 65″ tv via HDMI cable. We hoot and hollered after every song. It was such a good concert, I have seen him 4 times live as well and he put forth the same effort as he would if there were people there. Love, Love,Loved it.

  • Awesome livestream concert! great everything. Joe guitar playing never ceases to amaze me, and he is backed up by outstanding musicians and ladies. Well done !

  • One hell of a show!! The new album has some really great tunes on it and, this was a fantastic way to present them live for the first time. The band was excellent!!! The silence was strange after each song but, I can assure you I was clapping and,whistling at home. The break was a relief literally if you know what I mean? lol Thank you Joe Bonamassa for a lovely entertaining evening in the comfort of my own home.

  • After seeing Joe many times live, I realize how blessed to have seen his concert in November 2019 at the Beacon Theater in NYC. The live stream concert on Sunday was superb! Thousands of his fans were surely ecstatic to see,hear, and enjoy the extreme talent of the most phenomenal guitar man on the planet! Thank you Joe Bonamassa for knowing and sharing how much we needed to once again love and absorb your incredible gift to the world. Perfect in every way.

  • I’ve been watching Joe since his early days when he was traveling with his three piece band. it Was outstanding then and even better now. This Live stream event was brilliant great job. Loved the show. Thanks Joe. Great new music.

  • Thanks Joe ,it was Rock and Roll and the new album is very good. At the end j wanted more and more.
    J look the Gig every day….from Thailande with love……..

  • We’re late comer’s, my wife and I, to the music of Joe Bonamassa. She discovered him on Youtube through his song “Molly-O;” her name is Molly. We were astounded. Hearing his style of Blues was, for me, just like hearing Robin Trower or Stevie Ray Vaughn for the first time! Something fresh and altogether unique.
    We started buying CD’s and watching concerts on Quello. Then came this incredible live undertaking from his heart for the blues to offer some help to the musicians who tour to keep themselves and the Blues alive, He made something good from all the s**t We’ve all endured. What a guy! At 60 I told my Molly that when I grow up, I want to be Joe Bonamassa. Isn’t it amazing what a guitar and a good pair of sunglasses can do for your soul.
    By the way, Joe, if you read this, thank you for closing your incredible set with the third movement from Yes’s Starship Trooper suite. That was totally unexpected and with it you’ve earned two more life-long white and nerdy fans. Lucky you 😉

  • Gotta be a better bet than paying £150 a ticket to see him……

  • Sad to say no matter what I tried …. regardless of device I couldn’t get the livestream to play… depressed me so much I never even bothered to download the album…. still a fan but not diggin the gig(2020 not Joe)

  • Ok, biased diehard Bonamassa fan here. But this was sensational! Watched on a 3 metre screen in my friends home cinema. The production was incredible, the band and Joe truly on form. Loved the suit too, Joe really dressed the part for this prestigious venue. No expense was spared for this gig. A truly enjoyable experience, a great new album performed exquisitely. Waiting for the DVD now!!


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