Mick Hayes: My Claim to Fame Review

Growing up in upstate New York, Mick Hayes spent a lot of time in record shops, fostering his love for music and developing an affinity for the classics. His newest album, My Claim to Fame, was recorded in Muscle Shoal, Alabama at FAME Studios and impressively produced with entirely vintage equipment. This album’s unique and authentic sound is outstanding and a rare find in today’s supersaturated music industry. 

My Claim to Fame begins with “Sweet to Me.” The song has a fresh sound and uses horns to create a brighter atmosphere. Hayes’s voice naturally leans into the melody of the song and effortlessly fills listeners’ ears leaving us wanting to hear more. The following track, “Hand Me Down 45a” is a fantastic sing along that leans on the sentimental side. The song has an obvious vintage sound that fits the nostalgic lyrics. Somehow, Hayes is able to create a song that is relaxed and still completely soulful, and impressive feat for any musician. Equally delightful is his song “Political Funk,” which features a superb combination of horns and drums to create a soul and R&B feel. The catchy, light guitar that drives the song is perfectly suited for the song and never gets old. The album’s ninth track, “Autumn Romance,” is perhaps the most unique one. The ringing guitar creates a hollow sound and a brass-line keeps the song from becoming dull. It almost has a melancholy pop sound to it. Riding on this vibe, Hayes closes his album with “Saddest Picture of Me” a slow ballad that shows off Hayes’s vocals and lyricism. 

All in all, My Claim to Fame is a remarkable album that gives listeners a taste of the good old days while still being relatable and wholly enjoyable. Hayes’s ability as a songwriter, performer, and vocalist are perfectly suited for the old school style of many of these songs. My Claim to Fame is a well-rounded and fresh album with a little bit of everything. 

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Sweet to Me 
– Hand Me Down 45s
– Political Funk
– Autumn Romance

The Big Hit

– Hand Me Down 45s

Review by Sabrina Tian

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