Félix Rabin: Pogboy Review

Recorded in Los Angeles with Ross Hogarth, French singer-songwriter Félix Rabin’s debut EP, Pogboy, is an impressive collection of contemporary blues rock music. The EP’s title came from Rabin’s use of a guitar pedal effect called the Pog which is featured in the majority of his songs. Rabin’s debut release is diverse, modern, and a very strong start to his career as a recording artist. 

Pogboy kicks off with “Walk,” an electrifying rock song with a catchy chorus and vocals that learn on the airier side. Rabin’s strong sense of melody is obvious in the ad libs included in this song. This carries well over into the second track on the EP, “Moving On” which features grittier vocals over a chill guitar melody. With a satisfying chord progression, this song has an open, clear, and refreshing tone that contrasts nicely with the energetic horns that were included. The following track, “Say (You Won’t Leave Me)” also includes horns, but this song has a more old school sound that makes it a stand out amongst the other five songs on the tracklist. This song is a fantastic take on contemporary blues rock and its guitar solo is outstanding. The fifth track on the EP, “Death,” also includes a very impressive guitar solo, perhaps the most emotional and soulful one on the album. This song is melancholy and the lighter instrumentals on the song really let Rabin’s expression as a vocalist shine. 

Overall, Pogboy is a wonderful album and a truly remarkable debut EP. A young and talented musician, this is only the start of Félix Rabin’s very promising career. 

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Moving On
– Say (You Won’t Leave Me)
– Death

The Big Hit

– Moving On

Review by Sabrina Tian

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