Alesis Recital vs Alesis Recital Pro: What’s the difference?

“Music is something that let us express our emotions and touches the souls”

This statement can be very well understood by the people who are fond of playing or listening to music and able to connect with it.

The growing interest of people towards learning to play music has increased the demand for musical instruments as well.

Today, this article contains amazing information for such kind of music lovers who have a keen interest in playing pianos.

This article provides you the review as well as the difference between two wonderful pianos that you can buy so that after reading this article you’ll be sure of which one to buy.

Alesis Recital

The Alesis Recital is a digital piano that offers 88 full-sized semi-weighted keys. There are five realistic built-in voices that the Alesis Recital features that consist of an acoustic piano, synth, bass, organ and electric piano. It provides you with additional reverb and chorus to tailor your sound.

You would have a great playing experience as it gives powerful 20-watt built-in speakers, not only this but a 128-note maximum note polyphony. This all helps to deliver ultra-realistic sound.

Piano Nadu has written an excellent review on Alesis Recital which covers all the features and performance of the piano.

You can play the keyboard wherever you wish to through the power adaptor or 6D cell battery. You can even connect stereo RCA outputs to a mixer recorder or any other sound system. It weighs 15.65 pounds.

Alesis Recital Pro

The Alesis Recital Pro is a digital piano that offers 88 full-sized hammer-action keys. It fulfills your exact needs with adjustable touch response. It offers adjustable reverb, modulation and chorus to tailor your sound. It delivers the premium sound and gives you great playing experience.

This gives twelve built-in realistic voices. It provides an adjustable metronome and record mode. Thus, it helps the student and teacher to play together while watching each other.

This pro model gives USB-MIDI connectivity. You can connect the recital pro to your mac or pc with this MIDI output. You can play it anywhere with a facility of 6D cell batteries. It consists of 20-watt speakers and 128-note maximum polyphony for good playing experience.





Alesis Recital Alesis Recital Pro


  The keyboard of Alesis Recital consists of 88 keys that can be adjusted according to the style of every user. The keys of this piano are semi-weighted.


  Similar to Alesis Recital, the keyboard of Alesis Pro also consists of 88 keys and can be adjusted according to the convenience of the user. But unlike Alesis Recital, it has hammer action keys.



Number of Voices


This digital piano consists of five voices with certain educational features that are crafted expertly and let the user play keys very fast.



This piano is loaded with twelve different voices with the addition of educational features.



Record Mode   There is no record available in this model. It only has a lesson mode that enables the student and teacher to play together.



The feature of record mode in this piano enables the users to record their playing and allows them to listen to it again.





  The built-in FX includes Reverb and Chorus in this model.


  The built-in FX includes Reverb, Chorus and Modulation in this pro model.



Both the above-mentioned pianos are unique in their way. Both of them have some wonderful features that will surely help you to attain expertise in playing the piano.

The tabular representation of the difference between both the models will help you to choose the one according to your requirements so that you would not end up buying any model against your interest.

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