Sari Schorr: Live In Europe Review

Sari Schorr is completely honest in her newest release, Live In Europe. Recorded on her last tour, the album is composed of twelve powerful and raw performances that showcase Schorr’s talent and stunning stage presence. The natural sound of each track makes the album all the more impressive and moving, setting Schorr apart from overproduced music scenes of the twenty-first century. 

Schorr kicks off her album with “New Revolution,” filling listeners’ ears with a classic sound. Off the bat, Schorr’s vocals are outstanding and her delivery matches the instrumentals perfectly, never outshining them while also standing out without any production. Like many songs on this album, “New Revolution” is dynamic and filled with ups and downs that continue to excite. But Schorr also shows a more mellow side in “Turn the Radio On.” Schorr’s vocal tone shifts in this song to match the peaceful keys in the instrumental. Perhaps due to the setting of a live show, this emotional performance is extraordinary. Even when accompanied by just a piano and guitar like in “Ready For Love,” Schorr sounds amazing and delivers a touching performance paired by a beautiful solo on keys. This contrasts with the fifth track on the album, “Damn Reason,” a song that shows off Schorr’s growly vocals with crashing drums and catchy ad-libs. This contrast truly highlights the dynamism that Schorr can pack into one night’s show. 

Live In Europe captures the excitement of going to show downtown on a Friday night with your best friends. Each song is candid and equally moving. As Sari gears up for her biggest tour yet, fans can anticipate a night full of energy and emotion as they hurry to buy their tickets. 

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

-New Revolution
-Turn The Radio On
-Ready For Love
-Damn Reason

The Big Hit

-Damn Reason

Review by Sabrina Tian

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