Mike Mattison: Afterglow Review

Two time Grammy winner and member of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Mike Mattison is back with an exciting second solo album. Afterglow features a delightful blues rock sound with poetic lyrics and lovely melodies that shape the album’s nostalgic feel. The album’s wide range of sounds are a testament to Mattison’s skill as a songwriter. Each song stands out on its own and each is equally enjoyable. 

Mattison starts Afterglow off strong with “Charlie Idaho.” Mattison’s voice perfectly suits the story-telling structure of the song and the details on keys in the back of the track. This song sounds straight off a movie soundtrack for a Western movie with its nostalgic overtone and swaying chorus. The second song on the album is the title track, “Afterglow,” a much more upbeat song that gets you dancing. The melodies for this song are dynamic and the little flourishes on guitar keep the song interesting. Mattison’s vocals adapt to fit the feel good nature of the song, already showing his skillful vocal delivery. Similarly, the song “Kiss You Where You Live” fills your ears with good vibes that make you want to sing. With outstanding lyrics and an energetic drumline, this song’s pacing and control of rhythm are fantastic. In comparison, “On Pontchartrain” is a much more steady song, suiting its soulful, more blues-leaning style. Featuring changing, this song might be the perfect song for an in-concert sing-along. Mattison’s drawl in this song is yet another example of his gift as a vocalist. This can be seen perfectly in the last two songs on the album, “I Really Miss You” and “Got Something for You” which stand in black-and-white contrast, the former being an emotional ballad performed in the higher register and the latter being a gritty foot-tapper with heavier drums and electric guitar. 

Afterglow offers listeners many rich flavors and is a joy to listen to. No matter the style of song, Mattison is able to make a high quality work of art with his trademark of expert lyricism and powerful melodies. 

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Charlie Idaho
– Afterglow
– Kiss You Where You Live
– On Pontchartrain 

The Big Hit

– Charlie Idaho 

Review by Sabrina Tian

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