Matty T Wall: Transpacific Blues Vol. 1 Review

Australian blues artist, Matty T Wall, returns with his newest album, Transpacific Blues Vol. 1. The album is completely refreshing as Wall explores the genre of blues across the ocean, collaborating with artists far from home. As such, Transpacific Blues is a great melting pot of talents and different takes on such a worldwide genre of music. 

Wall opens his album with “Boom Boom,” a powerful intro with searing guitar solos and a total feel-good vibe. It’s evident from the beginning that Wall is here to have a good time, employing text painting in the song with low drums that accompany the onomatopoeia in the title of the song. This holds true in the following song, “Hi Heel Sneakers,” which starts off with a bright guitar imitating a whistle. The song is a great take on traditional 12 bar blues. It sounds so classic but the subject matter is unconventionally lighthearted. Even with slower songs like “Stormy Monday,” Wall keeps listeners very entertained. While the tempo of the song is lower, listeners can find great dynamism in the guitar composition as well as Wall’s vocals that rise and fall frequently, keeping the energy alive. Even towards the end of the album, this energy remains high. “I’m Tore Down” is a perfect combination of blues and rock. With a very familiar rock rhythm, and strong electric guitar, the song is a twist on a classic sound. Wall’s lyrics maintain the tradition of blues storytelling with a melancholy subject matter. The difference is that the instrumental sounds totally joyful in comparison to the actual content of the lyrics. 

Transpacific Blues Vol.1 is a testimony to the capacity of growth that the genre of blues possesses. The album is a breath of fresh air full of fun and surprises that will please and delight any listener. 

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

-Boom Boom
-Hi Heel Sneakers
-Stormy Monday
-I’m Tore Down 

The Big Hit

-I’m Tore Down 

Review by Sabrina Tian

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