5 Blues Rock Albums Worth Another Look

As the decade comes to an end, it’s worth looking back at a few great albums that made blues lovers flock online streaming platforms daily. Thousands of blues rock albums were released between 2010 and 2019, bringing us exciting records from different artists. However, like the Golden Nugget Bonus Code, there are those that impacted our lives most. Here are five blues r0ck albums worth another look.

  1. Adia Victoria – Silences

As a blues-rock artist based in Nashville, Adia Victoria’s songs are shaped by the things that affected her as a black woman growing up in the south. Her second album, Silences traces the idea of religion, race, oppression and powerlessness through the story if a woman experiencing them.

Looking at her performance in this album, it’s apparent that her musical settings have changed significantly since the release of her first album, Beyond the Bloodhounds. Her second album features horns, electronics, and woodwind in a guitar-band set-up.

  1. Benjamin Booker – Benjamin Booker

Released in 2014 as Benjamin Booker’s debut album in the blue-rock music scene, this album is packed with songs about self-discovery and longing. The New Orleans-based guitarist sings with a maturity beyond his age and his hooks pay homage to Sam Cooke, Robert Johnson and the shambolic punk who were his favorite childhood artists.

In this album, Booker masterfully evokes rock ’n’ roll elements alongside teary-eyed blues while creating a Sister Rosetta Tharpe-like rawness. Booker goes hard of the heartstrings and he delivers an aching, understated intimacy.

  1. Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

You can’t talk about supercharged guitarists in the blues-rock industry without speaking about the bespectacled former postal worker, Brittany Howard. Britanny and her band the Alabama Shakes made their debut in 2012 with their album Boys & Girls, which impressed on multiple levels.

Alabama Shakes impressed once again in 2015 with their album, Sound & Color, released on 21st April. Each song pumps out static electricity, rock, funk, and country. They manipulate flavors under pressure and heat, with every layer of the album working in unison.

  1. Grinderman – Grinderman 2

Grinderman 2 was the final studio album released by the alternative rock band, the Grinderman, which was a pet project of the Bad Seeds and Nick Cave. The album was released by UK’s Mute Records and ANTI in the U.S in September 2010.

The second album is a sequel of sorts, with the band widening their sexual pursuits and sounds. However, unlike Cave’s previous work, Grinderman 2 has a certain speed and intensity that hasn’t been seen in any of his other projects.

  1. Jack White – Blunderbuss

Jack White is known for leaving an indelible mark on any project he’s involved with and this 2012 solo album is evidence of his brilliant work. Blunderbuss was the first solo album of his career and the songs talk of loss and fear, feeling unusually personal.

According to White, writing the songs in the album was painful and it would bring him tears. Indeed, the songs are filled with White’s disenchantment, though White didn’t reveal the personal-life specifics that inspired the content on his songs.

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