Take Your Playing to the Next Level: Must Have Accessories for Drummers

Drummers know solid equipment is key to producing high-quality blues rock music. A complete kit will include drumsticks, cymbals, bass drum snare drum, and more.

Of course, avid drummers invest in a few key accessories that bring drumming to the next level. These must-have accessories should be in the inventory of every drummer and can easily be found on the Drum Center online shop.

Here is a list of the accessories you need to get your hands on if you haven’t already:

Stick Holder

Whether you are playing at a blues club or in a rehearsal space, there is always a need to keep the drumsticks safe and on hand. A stick holder is just the right accessory to attach to cymbals or a hi-hat stand and keep drumsticks ready for action and within reach. Stick holders are designed to hold either one pair of drumsticks or several pairs.

Tuning Key Adapter

All drummers need a tuning key to keep their drums in shape. A tuning key adapter comes in a few varieties, including types adaptable to all screws in standards drums. This type of adaptor will save time, ease maintenance, and leave plenty of time to play.

Another way to keep adequate tuning is to use a tuning stabilizer. If you are constantly retuning toms or snares, a tuning stabilizer will be handy. Tuning stabilizers surround the screw and prevent detuning, saving time in the long run.

Quick Release Cymbal Lock

With just a simple squeeze, this lock can release to instantly lock onto a cymbal stand. This will help reduce assembly time and eliminate wasted time looking for cymbal screws. Most kits have traditional spin wing nuts that require tightening every time you set up or get lost easily. If you are constantly setting up and taking down your kit, you need a quick release cymbal lock.

Drum Rug

Guitarists might enjoy a nice power slide, but this does not work quite as well for drummers. A drum rug prevents slippage around the stage and sets the parameters for the space you need. With the right size drum rug, you can cover larger setups and create a nice visual. Drum rugs also come in quite a few designs like oriental, camo, and more.

Effect Drum

If you are looking to create funky accents or a second higher snare sound distinct from the main snare, a brass side snare can create this effect. There are also additional snares that will bring the percussive sounds to a really broad range.

Double Bass Drum Pedal

The double bass pedal is for more than just producing heavy music. It is also great for advanced sprinters and capable of speeding up any sound.

Drum Bags

Transporting kits has to be done just right to protect the kit from scratches and bumps. There are quite a few drum bag options to choose from, including soft-sided canvas bags or heavy-duty hard case drum case sets.


Metronomes are the perfect accessory to ensure you have perfect timing. Most metronomes are portable, even pocket-size! Metronome features include programmable rhythms and other useful functions. You can use this during rehearsal or on stage to keep timing just right.

There are even hi-tech metronomes that help you keep tempo with the help of smartphone applications. These use external devices to track vibrations and report tempo details to your smartphone, allowing you to review and identify areas of improvement.

Drummer Headphones

Headphones can help you hear the metronome more clearly while playing or let you continue to play while protecting your ears. There are drummer headphone models for every budget that ultimately help improve your playing.

Standard kits can produce great sound for blues rock, but a few accessories can make the music even better. Consider adding to your drum kit inventory to take your playing to the next level.

All of these tools are essential to taking your playing to the next level! If you don’t already have them, we encourage you to get your hands on them today.

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