Malone Sibun: Come Together Review

Marcus Malone and Innes Sibun of Malone Sibun form one of the most exciting blues rock groups on the UK scene right now. Both Malone and Sibun have climbed the rank of blues rock artists as distinguished musicians. Teaming up, the power duo were nominated for Best Band at the European Blues Awards before releasing their debut album. Their long anticipated release, Come Together, is everything fans wanted and more. 

The album kicks off with the title track, “Come Together” which instantly hooks listeners in with cool and crunchy guitar tunes complimented by nice keyboard details. Paired with powerful vocals from both Malone and Sibun, “Come Together” sets the tone of the album perfectly while setting the bar high for the songs to come. The second song on the track list, “Let Me Love You,” meets that standard with belting vocals full of soul and whiny, howling guitar. The song is a lively groove powered by a steady drumbeat. From the start, it’s clear that Malone Sibun are experts at writing energetic and electrifying music. The duo’s soft side shines equally bright as seen in their most sentimental and emotional song, “Taste Of Your Love.” Paired with sweet guitar and poetic lyricism, there is a feeling of comfort in the melodies of this song. Their outro, “Everyday’s A Miracle” is just as sweet and leaves listeners with a feel-good, positive message. Malone Sibun have established their status as skilled songwriters and “She’s My Girl” proves it. It has everything a hit song needs: plays on rhythm, catchy vocal melodies, and a bit of a contemporary twist. “She’s My Girl” is a perfect sing along song. 

Without a doubt, Malone Sibun is a duo to watch. Their outstanding skill, chemistry, and talent shine through right off the bat. Malone Sibun will be at the Top Secret Blues Festival in March as well as the Cotton Blues Festival in May in addition to their own tour dates. 

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Come Together
– Let Me Love You
– Taste of Your Love
– She’s My Girl

The Big Hit

– Come Together

Review by Sabrina Tian

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