Ben Poole: Live ’19 Review

Ben Poole’s newest album captures the essence of powerful live performances. Recorded at Old Schoolhouse in Barnsley, The Half Moon in South London, and Bootleggers in Kendal, Live ‘19 is a thrilling listening experience. The songs are all hits off Poole’s albums Anytime You Need Me and Time Has Come. With Wayne Proctor on drums, Steve Amadeo on bass, and Ben Poole on guitar, each song is a delight.

Right off the bat, Poole’s vocals stand as he puts just the right amount of air into his voice. “Take It No More” couples his vocals with a grungy and screeching guitar playing a groovy melody and a perfectly executed guitar solo. The fourth track on the album, “Start The Car,” is equally exciting with a perfect balance of guitar and drums. The song has a bit of a pop feel with its fun strumming pattern and addictive chord progression. While the instrumental is fairly light, it compliments Poole’s voice very well. Poole continues to impress with “Further On Down The Line.” The song has a fairly mellow tempo but it’s so packed with energy from Poole’s delivery and fantastic play with rhythm that it could be a feel good dance song. This clear control of energy is also evident in “Stay At Mine,” the 12th track of the album. Beginning with strong drums and a beachy strumming pattern, the song features a powerful build up in the bridge which is followed by an awesome guitar solo that’s bound to get the audience to scream. 

Live ‘19 is evidence of Poole’s incredible performance skills that make him one of the UK’s most promising and impressive blues rock artists. After hearing this album, fans will surely hurry to get their hands on tickets to Poole’s upcoming shows. With such a dynamic show, Poole’s setlist isn’t one to miss. 

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Take It No More
– Start The Car
– Further On Down The Line
– Stay At Mine

The Big Hit

– Take It No More 

Review by Sabrina Tian

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