The Sensational Barnes Brothers: Nobody’s Fault But Mine Review

Growing up in a musical family, brothers Chris and Courtney Barnes formed a fresh gospel duo in Memphis Tennessee. Known as The Sensational Barnes Brothers, the pair have a natural gift for music which is exemplified in their album, Nobody’s Fault But Mine

“Trying To Go Home,” kicks the album off with a lively intro and impressive vocals that appeal to listeners of all ages. This energy is carried over to the album’s title track which includes an exciting horn section and the familiar and catchy repetition of a gospel song. Incorporated are also subtle blues melodies and playful vocals that keep the song interesting and constantly in motion. This is nicely contrasted with the following song, “Let It Be Good.” This song is much more mellow with lighter instrumental and relaxing guitar picking. The lyrics are comforting and are made even more moving with soulful vibrato in the vocals. Likewise, in the last song on the album, “Try The Lord,” the Barnes Brothers pair uplifting lyrics with emotional melodies that are altered each and every time they are sung. “Try The Lord” is the perfect song to end on; it leaves listeners with a great take away message which is truly at the center of each song on the album. 

Spreading positivity and good tunes,The Sensational Barnes Brothers are a group to keep an eye on. Their music is relatable, empowering, and moving. Nobody’s Fault But Mine is only the beginning of what’s sure to be a very successful musical career for Chris and Courtney. 

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– I Made It Over
– Nobody’s Fault But My Own
– Let It Be Good
– Try The Lord

The Big Hit

– Nobody’s Fault But My Own

Review by Sabrina Tian

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