Premiere: Kingsborough – “Only Light”

Blues Rock Review is premiering the brand music video “Only Light” from San Francisco blues rockers Kingsborough. The song is set to be released digitally on October 25th and will be featured on the band’s forthcoming EP, which will be released to coincide with a European tour confirmed in 2020.

“When we encounter emotionally difficult situations many of us tend to struggle in silence and try to ignore the pain we feel,” says guitarist Alex Leach about the track.  “Maybe we feel as though we can beat it ourselves; maybe we fear that wearing our heart on our sleeve and sharing what we’re going through with others can paint us as weak.  But even when we try to cover our pain and struggles, it’s easy for the people who are close to us to see it.  Not talking about things that matter really pushes us away from each other.  It’s like throwing gas on the flame.  Only Light is the story of someone battling their inner demons in isolation and the narrator’s attempt to help pull them out of the toxic cycle.”

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