Laurence Jones Band Review

Hailing from Liverpool, the Laurence Jones Band returns with a self-titled album. With Laurence Jones on guitar and vocals, Phil Wilson on drums, Bennet Holland on keys, and Greg Smith on bass, the band put blues rock in a very contemporary setting.

Laurence Jones Band opens with “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright”, a feel good jam that immediately shows off Jones’s crisp vocals. The following song, “Wipe Those Tears Dry” features a groovy guitar and chill instrumental that makes for a very contemporary sound. However, the guitar solo lends itself to 20th century rock alongside the fun drum rhythms under short guitar riffs. The ninth track on the album, “Low Down”, continues to show how the band can put a twist on blues rock. The song features very rock-style guitar and drums off the bat, but the vocal melody is not too different from a pop song. The melody is especially catchy in the chorus and the song is definitely a foot tapper. It’s a very uplifting and empowering song and its energy is a little different from “Heart Is On Fire” which is an emotional love song that uses a very entertaining and dynamic guitar instrumental that pairs perfectly with Jones’s vocals. What the songs have in common are their satisfying melodies and blues-y style of repeated lyrics. The chill rock style of the song is sure to catch the ears of today’s listeners.

The Laurence Jones Band’s self-titled album is a lively album that listeners of all ages can dance and sing along to. It’s amazing how the band is able to make blues rock their own and add dashes of other genres in their work. The Laurence Jones Band will be touring in November.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Wipe Those Tears Dry
– Beautiful Place
– Low Down
– Heart Is On Fire

The Big Hit

– Heart Is On Fire

Review by Sabrina Tian

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