Seth James: Good Life Review

Texan guitarist Seth James’s newest album, Good Life is a fun and fresh blend of comforting lyrics, satisfying piano riffs, and funky guitar. Partnering with Kevin McKendree and Bob Britt, James crafts a memorable and engaging album. 

Good Life opens with “Brother”, which captivates listeners with low piano notes, comforting lyrics, and a jazzy instrumentation. The positivity of the lyrics and sound are refreshing and remain as such throughout the album. The second track on the album, “That’s How You Do It”, is equally uplifting. The syncopation of the song pushes the song forward and doesn’t ever get old. The guitar solo, while on the slower side, is dynamic and expertly played. James proves to be an impressive lyricist in “The Time I love You Most”. Poetic lyrics paired with an 80s style synth and gentle percussion make the song a foot tapper. The following track, “I’m Coming Home” switches to a gentle instrumental with beachy guitar sound. Once again, James’s lyrics are impressive as he plays with rhyme and heartfelt words. “Third Generation” is also beautifully written and powerfully honest. The song has darker tones than the rest of the album, pairing well with the heavier subject matter. Nonetheless, the melodies and brassy sound are totally familiar to James’s blues-y style. 

All in all, Good Life is a unique and stimulating album that combines words with interesting rhythms and melodies to move listeners. James’s honesty and talent are most appreciated. His ability to write with such a bright, positive sound that draws from blues is impressive. And without a doubt, his manipulation of words and rhythms is unmatched. 

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

-That’s How You Do It
-The Time I Love You Most
-I’m Coming Home
-Third Generation 

The Big Hit

-Third Generation

Review by Sabrina Tian

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