Jeremie Albino: Hard Time Review

Born in Toronto, Jeremie Albino’s music came to life in Prince Edward County. His impressive debut album, Hard Time, showcases his unique style, a blend of blues, rock, and folk that fills the ears and soul. Jeremie’s music is truly his own and each and every song is composed of poetic lyrics, captivating instrumentation, and memorable imagery. 

The first song on the album, “Last Night”, kicks things off with an energetic rhythm and nice piano details. The bridge of the song is especially catchy with its repeated melody and chanting. The song stands out from many of the others on the album which are much slower paced and ballad-like. “Amelia”, for example, is a beautiful waltz that truly puts Jeremie’s vocals on a pedestal. The song is on the longer side, but because of the way that the instrumental and emotions build throughout the song, it feels like just the right length. There are still rock aspects to the song, especially when the chorus hits. But the following song, “Lilac Way”, features strings and folky strumming pattern that makes it perfect for a relaxing summer drive through the country. It pairs nicely with “The Cabin” which has very bluesy verses and folk-style humming. But Jeremie keeps listeners on their toes with the title track, “Hard Time” which returns to a more upbeat rock sound. The guitar is quite bright and the steady backing vocals and piano add to the full sound. 

The last song on the album, “Shipwreck”, is the perfect way to end the album. The song sounds sweet and the metaphor of a sunken ship lingers on the mind afterwards. The vocals and guitar pair beautifully for the verses and the harmonica is a great country-style touch. Hard Time is a beautifully crafted first album and without a doubt, Jeremie Albino will continue to dazzle listeners with his future releases. 

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

-Lilac Way
-Hard Time
-The Cabin

The Big Hit


Review by Sabrina Tian

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