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Robert Jon and the Wreck: Take Me Higher Review

Robert Jon and The Wreck delivered another impressive release with Take Me HigherTake Me Higher is the band’s 4th studio album in the past 4 years, and its eight, hard-hitting blues anthems hint at a forceful, up-and-coming band. The quintet, out of Orange County, California, has committed to putting on powerful rock shows around the U.S. and Europe, and they have transmitted that energy into their new album.

The album comes out swinging with “Take Me Higher,” a soulful rocker with an outro that highlights lead guitarist, Henry James’ forceful, buzzing sound. The opener sets the tone for the rest of the album: energetic guitar à la Angus Young matched with the soulful voice of Robert Jon Burrison constantly filled by Warren Murrel’s rich bass. James impresses again in “Going Down,” featuring funky wah-wah and packed with the organ notes of Steve Maggiora’s keyboard. The guitar solo on “Going Down” is one of the best on the album. James again shows his chops — channeling southern-rock, delta blues, and heavy rock — in the solo on “Makes Me Wanna Yell.” Burrison’s voice is suppressed with effects, and Andrew Espantman’s bumping drums and the playful keys drive the song.

The album abruptly stops and slows with “Coming Home,” a classic road ballad about making music and traveling the world. The album deals with the challenges of a life committed to chasing your dreams, and the impact it has on relationships. James’ guitar beautifully accents the tone of the song, and Burrison’s strong voice emotionally builds with the instruments. Before the album ends in a whirlwind of guitar in the politically themed “Red, White, and Blood,” the listener is gifted with the refreshing instrumental “Cannonball.” The musicians connect and change pace and mood with ease. There are instances where they share an uncanny resemblance to the Allman Brothers’ epic instrumental tunes, or the Grateful Dead’s futuristic “Space.”

Take Me Higher illustrates Robert Jon and the Wreck’s undeniable ability to create a well-rounded and dynamic rock ‘n’ roll album. They brought their electric spirit off the stage and into the studio. Their intricate instrumentation and full sound brings to mind some of rock and roll’s most influential bands, and if the Wreck continues to put out albums like Take Me Higher, before too long they will be a house-hold name.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Going Down
– Makes Me Wanna Yell
– Something to Remember Me by
– Coming Home
– Cannonball

The Big Hit

– Going Down

Take Me Higher by Robert Jon & The Wreck

Review by Spencer Rubin

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