Meg Williams: Take Me As I Am Review

Meg Williams’s debut album, Take Me As I Am: The Muscle Shoals Sessions, tells the truths of love with honest lyrics and impassioned vocals. A talented guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Meg’s music has done extremely well on blues and rock charts and caught a wide following in Nashville. Her first full length album is sure to grow her fanbase and catch the attention of blues rock listeners everywhere. 

Listening to Take Me As I Am, it’s evident from the beginning that Meg’s greatest strength is her sense of rhythm. Every song is unique with charming variations in flow. “Tell Everybody”, the second song on the album, pairs a groovy guitar rhythm with a simple call and response chorus for a sassy love song. In contrast, the empowering fourth track on the album, “Little Bit Of The Devil”, plays with the rhythm of the vocals. The song is punchy and includes little touches of guitar melodies between phrases giving it the sound of a ’70s hit. The album also features familiar sounds with “Played By The Blues”, written in classic 12-bar blues and “I Feel A Heartache Coming” which uses a syncopated 16th note strum that takes listeners back to the ’90s. Even songs with simpler rhythms like “Can’t Keep Waiting On You”, the instrumental stays interesting with a prominent bass line played by Bob Wray. 

Take Me As I Am is a delight to listen to. While maintaining the repetitive nature of blues, Meg surprises listeners with surprising embellishments on each and every song. With her level of experience as a musician, it’s no wonder that her debut album has such a strong flavor and exceptional voice. 

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Tell Everybody
– Little Bit Of The Devil
– Played By The Blues
– What About Me
– Can’t Keep Waiting On You

The Big Hit

– Little Bit Of The Devil

Review by Sabrina Tian

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