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The path to stardom is not always the easiest – especially when you have to scratch from rock bottom. If you’re just a kid from the suburbs brought up by simple yet hardworking parents with no convenient connections, it can be a great big world out there. Too big, in fact, that you’ll find yourself completely lost amidst all the competition (read more). However, this shouldn’t dissuade you from pursuing your dreams. Instead, let this challenge you.

After all, success tastes much sweeter when you know you’ve worked really, really hard for it.

Anyway, everyone gets to have a starting point. Some start out from their garage or playing in local shows. Others even start from bathroom – singing their lungs out whenever they take that much deserved shower. Today’s dreamers have it better though. In this day and age, you don’t need to beg every other talent specialist to get you through the door of stardom. You can usher yourself right in without anyone’s help!

This is all thanks to the internet and its many wonders.

The internet has been making dreams come true all over the globe in recent years. Thanks to a bigger, diverse, more connected network of unique individuals, talent is now given the spotlight it deserves. Now, it’s not really about whom you know or how much money you have in your bank account. If you have the guts, talent, skill, and charisma to make it out there – you can make it out there. You can organize your own debut and market yourself even if no bigshot company is backing you up.

How The Internet Can Help You Skyrocket Your Way To Stardom

Have you ever heard of internet celebrities before? If yes, then have you heard of internet celebrities turned real-world sensations before?

I’m sure you do. We have a lot of promising examples. One such example is Justin Bieber. Yes, I’m talking about THE Justin Bieber – the internet sensation, top charter, and Hollywood music star that’s been making waves in the music industry for a little over a decade now. I know that some of you may have mixed feelings about Mr. Bieber here. I do know how some people get really worked up about fandom wars and such. Your personal prejudices aside, you can’t deny the fact that Bieber has one of the best dream-come-true journeys to tell. From a young, naïve, and simple teenage boy with a love for singing, he turned out to be such a big celebrity.

And can any of you remember where he started?

Well, I’ve got one word for you: YouTube.

Thanks to the Queen of Video-Searching Engines, a normal everyday boy with a knack for singing had been given the break of his life. It is through this social media platform that his talents were discovered and his fame had taken form. Through YouTube, this young dreamer hit the jackpot and earned himself a chance to showcase what he’s got to the rest of the world. Read more about his roots here: https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Weekend/teen-pop-star-justin-bieber-discovered-youtube/story?id=9068403.

And we all know how that turned out.

Many came after him and most of them turned out to be huge successes as well. This really lights up the dreamer inside of you, doesn’t it? Luckily, we now have twice – no, thrice as many opportunities to earn our own spotlights. Aside from YouTube (which is frankly a little heavy on talent traffic at the moment), there are websites like SoundCloud that can help you share your talents with the world – and hopefully get discovered in the process.

What Is SoundCloud?

I’m pretty sure that you’re hell bent on working on your popularity right now but first things first. We have to discuss what SoundCloud really is.

To explain it very briefly, SC is a media hosting site much like YouTube. But instead of videos, they focus more on streaming audio content – music tracks, in other words. People record vocals, instruments, and even EDM mixes on this website all for the world to hear and enjoy (check this out). Aside from the innocent want to let their sound be heard, however, many aspiring musicians and singers also hope to get discovered in SoundCloud – dreamers like yourself.

SC has been known to give many aspirants a big break in the world of music. Aside from common folk listeners, there are scouts and talent managers who visit as well, after all. I guess the reputation and influence SoundCloud has built over the years has invited many types of personalities. Some of which are very notable in the music industry. This gives a lot of music aspirants hope – hope that someday, they’ll get to have their big break.

How Can I Get Popular On SoundCloud?     

But of course, any typical journey to stardom is not going to be a breeze. Sure it’s now easier thanks to the help of the internet but it doesn’t mean you can slack off. You will have to work – hard, even. If you really want this, you should know that there is a certain price to be paid.

Don’t worry though; it’s not that high. You just need to make an extra effort to grow your audience! SoundCloud ranks tracks based on its number of plays, likes, and views. They are also likely to recommend you to other users when you have a good following. The beginning is usually the hardest part of this journey. But once you get the hang of it, everything else becomes smooth-sailing. Question is, how are you supposed to rake in more plays if you’re new to the platform? Well, thank your lucky stars because you can actually buy SoundCloud plays online.

Get live views from real people for an affordable price. I know this doesn’t sound like the most honest idea but you know how it is in the entertainment industry. You have to work your way in, no matter what. It’s not like you’re going to be buying views forever though. You just need enough to get you established. After that, your music will decide whether you get to keep playing or not.

What do you think?

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