Are Online Guitar Lessons Effective?

Some of you may doubt online education. In fact, you wouldn’t be in this article if you didn’t. Well, it’s not like you’re at fault though.

Society – well, the majority of it at least – makes us think that anything unconventional is not to be trusted. It teaches us that the proven ways are always the best ways and that we really shouldn’t be looking for alternative options. After all, if we’ve already got the best then why bother looking for something better right?

But, you see, the world has advanced. It has advanced to far greater lengths – much farther than anyone could have ever imagined 100 years ago. In this video, which I personally resonate with, we are presented with a truth. It’s a truth that is not hard to believe but also hard to accept. Confusing, right?

In the video, the man challenges “SCHOOL” in court. Of course, we must understand that since school isn’t an actual person, it is symbolically represented in the video as a man who looks prim and proper, smart yet rigid. SCHOOL here is trialled for an inexcusable crime and that is destroying, mocking, and eliminating children’s creativity and forcing them to learn like robots. The video strongly enunciates and I quote “If you teach a fish how to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking it’s stupid.” And that hits home, a lot.

I know many of you (me included) are discouraged to learn because the only “recognized” way to do so is to attend an accredited school and pay ridiculously high tuition fees only to be lectured to as part of a group of 50 – sometimes maybe more than that when the auditorium permits. You end up going home, remembering the first and last three minutes of class (if lucky) and a heavy chest. This is simply not the kind of education you want to have.

This is why, although unconventional, online classes give many of us hope. We are intrigued to learn that the world is slowly opening up to more methods of learning – and they recognize it too. This gives us a chance to learn skill sets that we cannot acquire through formal education. Say, learning how to play the guitar. Check out what Forbes has to say here:

Yes, there are music schools that specifically offer music-related courses and training to musical aspirants. However, we cannot deny the fact that these schools are expensive and they often offer very strict training. After all, they’re not just training you to become some backyard musician. They’re mentoring to become the next big thing in the music industry. Aside from the actual school experience, the admission process can be terribly demanding too. In fact, it is too demanding that it intimidates a lot of enthusiasts and many quit the idea before they even try.

So, how about those of us who’re not really trying to make a career out of music and merely want to learn it for recreation?

Thank goodness for online guitar courses.

Good news is that there are bountiful online training schools, like Voices Inc, for guitar – most of them are offered at affordable packages too. This gives average people a chance to learn a new craft and perhaps land them many great opportunities in the future too.

So the question raised in the title is “Is it effective?”

Well, my dear friends, it is not only effective but efficient as well.

Learning guitar online cuts you cost, time, and effort. You can get lessons in the comfort of your own home, utilizing your own time. You don’t have to pay high tuition fees as well. Many online schools offer their mentorship at very affordable prices. And take note, most of these classes are one-on-one.

Quality and practicality at the same time, don’t you think?      

So what are you waiting for? Sure, you may not take this up as a career path but learning a new skill set is always a bonus. Perhaps you will get a child in the future who’s passionate about music. When that day comes, how would you like the idea of teaching him (or her) yourself?

Rona Carcido

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