Bad Touch: Shake A Leg Review

Hearing the single “Lift Your Head Up” might be all you need to take a chance on this, the third album by UK  blues rockers Bad Touch. It’s a great song and really gets a party started that never ends. I’ve listened to this album multiple times now and I can guarantee you it’s solid gold from the off. If Southern Rock floats your boat, then this is for you.

Without any attempt to copy the likes of Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, The Allmans etc, tracks such as “Hammer Falls”, “Dressed To Kill” and “Believe In Me” will draw comparisons. But what you get here are short, sharp guitar riffed tracks, so no meandering solos.  The blues-drenched crunching guitars of Rob Glendinning and Daniel Seekings intertwine each other expertly, George Drewry’s drums and Michael Bailey’s bass are still intent on rattling your fillings, topped off with the powerful vocals of Stevie Westwood. “Skyman”, dedicated to Duane Allman, for example adds some smokey swagger and a killer hook and “I Belong” takes us to the midway point with real style. “Show Me What It Means” is a great stomping rocker that connects immediately, whilst “Tussle” lyrically takes on the struggle to find love and has a mild funky feel. “Take Me Away” revs the engines again, riding huge riff and delivering a rich bluesy ride; and “Believe in Me” takes things down a level with its gentle southern rock fueled searching ballad about finding that one true love.

Overall, a great slice of Southern Rock all the way from Norfolk, England.  Bad Touch doesn’t pad out the songs for the sake of it, only a couple of the tracks pass the 4-minute mark. With so many audience friendly anthemic choruses to choose from, their set-list will be difficult to finalize!

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Lift Your Head Up
– Dressed To Kill
– Show Me What It Means
– Take Me Away
– Skyman

The Big Hit

– Skyman

Review by Clive Rawlings

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