The Allman Legacy Continues with Devon Allman and Duane Betts

Devon Allman and Duane Betts are the sons of the Allman Brothers co-founders Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts. Now the duo have teamed up on a musical journey years in the making. Not only are Allman and Betts continuing the Allman Brothers legacy, but they’re creating their own. Blues Rock Review Editor-in-Chief Pete Francis has the story in an exclusive video.

Pete Francis

Pete Francis is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blues Rock Review. Pete founded Blues Rock Review in 2010 because he felt there was a major void in how the blues rock genre was covered. Pete is the host of Blues Rock Weekly and a co-host on the Blues Rock Show.

2 thoughts on “The Allman Legacy Continues with Devon Allman and Duane Betts

  • Looking forward to their album in 2019 and to carry on with the great legacy of the Allman Brothers. Been a fan for a longtime. Midnight Rider being one if my favorites.

  • Berry Oakley should be in the name! ABO ! Allman Betts Oakley ….:(


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