Kris Barras Band: The Divine and Dirty Review

The Divine and Dirty is the first release on the Mascot Label Group from the UK based Kris Barras Band. Barras has started to make a name for himself on the blues rock scene in recent years, but The Divine and Dirty is the album that is going to really launch his career.

“Kick Me Down” opens the album featuring female backing vocals followed by the first single, “Hailmary,” which starts with just raw vocals before turning into a heavy-duty rocker. “I Don’t Owe Nobody Nothing” is a stomping blues track featuring slide guitar and “Propane” is a catchy, radio friendly track.

The Divine and Dirty is a very guitar influenced album and Barras definitely shows he has major chops. Barras is a wicked slide player, but his soulful guitar solos really grab the listener, too. “Hold On For Tomorrow” is a definite album highlight that rides out with a soaring guitar solo that really highlights Kris’ great playing. Then there’s the epic slow blues of “Watching Over Me,” which is a song Kris dedicates to his late father and features an absolutely epic guitar solo that could go down as the best of the year.

The Kris Barras Band delivers the complete package with The Divine and Dirty. The songs are catchy, the guitar playing is superb, and the production is top notch.  Kris Barras has been around the blues rock scene, but this is the album that truly sees his star rise. When 2018 comes to an end, The Divine and Dirty will surely be talked about as one of the best blues rock albums of the year.

The Review: 9.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Hailmary
– Propane
– Hold On For Tomorrow
– Blood On Your Hands
– Watching Over Me

The Big Hit

– Watching Over Me

Review by Pete Francis

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Pete Francis

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