4 Jimi Hendrix numbers liked by music lovers throughout the world

Often referred to as the best guitar player to have walked the planet, Jimi Hendrix was a combination of a poignant soul, improvisational excellence and untouchable virtuosity. However, there was much more to the artist than being a badass axe-man – he was an amazing songwriter whose music although was rooted in conventions, never let go of the spirit of experimentation and the will to break new grounds.

Jimi Hendrix inspired a great number of artists throughout the world. In fact, his reach goes to the extent that there’s actually a popular Jimi Hendrix bonusy bez depozytu out there, which every music and gambling lover must try out!

Let’s tell you about the top 4 Jimi Hendrix numbers that are loved by a large majority of music lovers throughout the world.

Purple Haze

From the album Are You Experienced, this was the opening track of his debut LP. The song “Purple Haze” brought Jimi Hendrix and his backing band a lot of psychedelic glory. Although it never rose up high in the American charts, “Purple Haze” became an integral part of the cultural lexicon, inspiring all things ranging from LSD brands to unforgettable scenes in classic hits such as Apocalypse Now.

All Along the Watchtower

This was Jimi Hendrix’s take on the classic Bob Dylan song, which was released only a year earlier in 1967 (as a part of John Wesley Harding). Hendrix’s take rapidly became the de facto version of the original, even for Bob Dylan himself! Even Dylan admitted that it overwhelmed him greatly, as it added a haunting sense of urgency to something that was only a folk jam once. Dylan later revealed that ever since Hendrix died he has been performing the song the guitarist’s way. The song was a part of Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” album released in 1968.

Little Wing

A lot of people love this compact song for its amazing guitar solo that inspired a whole lot of cover versions by many famous musicians. You could see an endless number of wannabe Hendrix imitators jamming away to the song all across the country! It was included in his 1967 album Axis: Bold as Love. This song was also the first time ever that Hendrix recorded his guitar using a Leslie speaker, creating all those echo sounds that would make his guitar portions very unique.


Burning of the Midnight Lamp

Another one from Electric Ladyland (1968), this song has an unforgettable harpsichord intro, some unmissable wah-wah guitar effects and quite a bit of studio trickery from Hendrix.

“Burning of the Midnight Lamp”  introduced some very elaborate production techniques which became more evident in Hendrix’s later works in Electric Ladyland and Axis: Bold as Love. Please note, even though the song featured in the Electric Ladyland, but the single came much before both the albums. The song is also widely recognized for being Hendrix’s first ever with wah-wah effects (that became an integral part of his live acts).

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