The Bad Flowers: Starting Gun Review

Starting Gun is the debut studio album by English hard rock band The Bad Flowers featuring Tom Leighton on vocals and guitar, Dale Tonks on bass and Karl Selickis on drums. It’s a breathtaking record by one of the most exciting new bands on the rock scene today. The album was recorded at Vigo Studios, near the band’s hometown of Cannock, and produced by Adam Beddow.

Starting Gun opens with the first single, “Thunder Child”, a fantastic rock song with a monstrous riff and great lyrics and chorus. This song sets the pace to the following songs, “Lions Blood”, “Secrets” and “Rich Man”, heavy songs featuring lots of energy. The album takes a different turn with the acoustic song “I Hope” followed by the slower “Let’s Misbehave”. The latter is one of the best, starts like a ballad but gets progressively heavier, highlight to Tom’s guitar solo. “Who Needs A Soul” and “Be Your Man” bring the best of the band; fabulous guitar riffs and solos, cool bass lines and superb drumming. “Hurricane” is the heavier track, Tom’s screaming vocals are first class. “I Don’t Believe It” is also very heavy, the song starts with a great bass line followed by another huge guitar riff. It’s one of the fastest tracks and perhaps the best guitar solo. The band kept the high quality until the end, “City Lights” ended the album in a great way.

The Bad Flowers debut Starting Gun makes them one of the most promising bands. It’s not a traditional blues rock band, it’s a heavy blues rock band. If you are in the heavier side of things, you should definitely check out this record. It really is amazing the sound that this power trio can produce.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Thunder Child
– Lions Blood
– Rich Man
– Let’s Misbehave
– Who Needs A Soul

The Big Hit

– Who Needs A Soul

Review by Pedro Matta

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