Victor Bacalhau: Cosmic Attraction Review

Vitor Bacalhau is back with his second album Cosmic Attraction. This is an album that immediately defines itself as unquestionably rock with light blues influences. Though it has a natural, human grit, it is shockingly refined, especially for an album that was recorded almost entirely live.

Fans of Bacalhau’s debut album will appreciate that Cosmic Attraction has similarities to Brand New Dawn. Overall, it is very clear that both albums come from the same artist who has a distinctive sensibility,  and yet Cosmic Attraction is overall darker and with a higher intensity.

Opening with “Happy Man” gives the listeners a sense of just how high energy the album will be. This tone continues through each song, even those with a softer approach or slower tempo. With this in mind “I’ve Been Dreaming” is especially impressive. It is the first song that is more intimate than it rocks out, and one of the most relaxed songs on the album. In this song Bacalhau continues to wail reaching high notes and high volumes, and yet because of the quality of the mix, specifically the pulling back of the vocal and the reverb, it is still able to feel calm in a haunting way.

“Old Soul” is another song that stands out amongst so many high energy songs. In this tune the guitar is just as important as the lead vocal. It moves throughout the duration of the song in impressive counterpoint with the lead, and never overplays or overwhelms. Budda Guedes, producer, singer, and additional writer on the song, offers a lovely voice that is such a welcomed addition. Because this is the first time we are hearing harmonies on the album, they stand out in a particularly nice way on this song.

Bacalhau’s vocals are impressive throughout, but stand out especially in Shooting Star.” This song opens with a lengthy opening that is both lush and dreamlike, and covered in reverb. It is in this setting that the listener can really appreciate and be impressed by the versatility of the vocal. At this point the loud and the intense aspects of Bacalhau’s voice have been heard, but in Shooting Star” we get a warmer, almost romantic tone.

Cosmic Attraction is an album with a series of songs that are impossible to ignore. Vitor Bacalhau creates well crafted songs that are really able to thrive in Guedes’ sparse and artful production and in conjunction with a skillful band. Because of the perfect union of all of these aspects, Cosmic Attraction is able to impress.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Walk Through Fire
– Shooting Star
– I’ve Been Dreaming
– Old Soul

The Big Hit

– Old Soul

Review by Alexandra Veltri

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