Jocelyn and Chris Arndt: Go Review

Joceyln & Chris Arndt are back and are set to captivate audiences with their sophomore album Go. Both members of the sibling duo from Fort Plain, New York contain elements of high energy and rough, raw, grit in their toolboxes, as well as tender and soulful qualities. Together they use all of these aspects of their musicianship to create a string of songs that each offer something new and different than the one before it, all while connecting the album together wholly.

Go opens without any instrumental intro in the first track “Footprints On The Moon”, and instead gets off to a memorable start with Joceyln’s powerhouse vocals. From the first few notes there is a strong sense of the quality of her voice: strong, pleasant, and warm. No matter what follows the opening few lines, the listeners know that they are in for a singer who knows what she’s doing.

“Footprints On The Moon” displays the high quality of the lyrics immediately. The incredibly specific lyrics present the listeners with clear and visceral images. The quality of the lyrics does not falter at all for the duration of the album, and is heard especially in the second track. This track, “Ready Steady Go” opens with the line “I used to sleep a lot easier”, a lyric specific enough to be relatable, and vague enough to be intriguing. This line is followed by, “you like girls a lot sleazier”. Not only does this line make for a satisfying perfect rhyme, but in just a few words, it evokes an emotional response.

Chris’ dynamic guitar playing is tight and natural throughout the entire album, and more importantly, he doesn’t overplay. Both musicians are giving one another, the songs themselves, and the listeners room to breathe. When Chris does shred, the guitar stands out that much more, and the listener is able to digest the skill level.

Many aspects of Go show great restraint. In addition to neither performers over playing, the production itself is sparse. This is especially heard in “Red Stops Traffic”. This song revolves largely around an acoustic guitar and the vocal, so when a kick drum covered in reverb comes in and out of the track, it is all the more noticeable on an otherwise raw and stripped track. The reverb itself creates the feel of space in the room that only enhances the lyrical elements of the tune.

Go is an album that can be truly described as rock ‘n roll. It is refreshingly raw and rooted, and yet it offers a new take on a genre that resonates with so many.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Red Stops Traffic
– Footprints On The Moon
– Devil May Care
– Shine
– Ready Steady Go

The Big Hit

– Ready Steady Go

Review by Alexandra Veltri

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