Supersonic Blues Machine: Californisoul Review

One of the most immediately noticeable qualities of Supersonic Blues Machine’s Californisoul is the sheer production value that went into the album.  It features heavy-hitting guests such as Billy Gibbons, Eric Gales, and Robben Ford.  To borrow from Elton John, Californisoul creates a “solid wall of sound” that is impeccably mixed throughout, making the album pleasing and palatable. I’m getting ahead of myself.  I can spend the whole review talking about all the people who worked on Californisoul, but to keep it brief, the album most prominently features Lance Lopez (guitars, vocals), Fabrizio Grossi (bass), and Kenny Aronoff (drums).

From the beginning of Californisoul to its final track, Lance Lopez’s vocals carry melody after melody, earning the listener’s attention through soulful timbre and vibrato necessary for a great blues singer. My attention was well earned.  Even with such praiseworthy lead vocals, Andrea and Francis Benitez Grossi constantly stole the show with their superb background vocals. The album kicks off with “I Am Done Missing You,” a song that starts with a simple melodic riff and builds into a full chorus that infects the listener, making it easy to hum along.  The opening riff of the album is memorable and rings in the listener’s head during the final track “This is Love,” which reprises the opening riff and provides a strong sense of completion on the album.  “The One” brings a catchy chorus and strong riffing.  “Hard Times” is perhaps the strongest song on Californisoul.  In one song, Steve Lukather (of Toto fame) plays with more feeling than some artists accomplish in entire albums.  

If I were to nitpick, some songs on Californisoul are not as memorable as the rest of the album. However, by and large, the album is one of the most enjoyable blues rock albums I have listened to this year, and it is well worth the cover price.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– I Am Done Missing You
– L.O.V.E.
– The One
– Hard Times
– What’s Wrong

The Big Hit

– Hard Times

Review by Mark Hunstein

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3 thoughts on “Supersonic Blues Machine: Californisoul Review

  • Supersonic Blues Machine IMHO is the hottest blues rock band right now. I really like Californisoul, and Hard Times is my favorite song. Hey Joe!! get these guys on the KTBA cruise next Feb. That would be awesome!!

  • Thank you Blues Rock Review! I found a great new band. The Walter Trout collaboration is cool!

  • Wow ! A ton of proven talent here :). “Hard Times” is Top-Shelf .


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